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Monday, February 20, 2006

day 10

day nine was bad. actually, day nine was clipping along at a lovely pace until i noticed that of my back and 2 front panels, none of the lengths are the same. i counted stitches and rows until i was cross eyed and still couldn't figure out where i went wrong. and then i was so disgusted with the whole thing i stopped knitting even though there was atleast another hour of knitting time left in the night. tonight i decided just to block it all anyway and pray that it's not as noticable when i sew it up. things are not looking good for my first sweater, but from now on i will simply knit all sweaters from the top down and never have to deal with this crap again. i've also been plugging along on the first of the sleeves. i've got 18 inches and am just about to start shaping the cap. as for the hood, forget it. on a non-knitting note, tonight i picked a wall color for our den. i'll buy the paint on my way to work tomorrow afternoon and we'll paint as soon as i get home from work tueday.


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