Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The suffering continues...

So here's a pix of the sweater. (Notice the rosewood needles as oppose to the ebony needles.) The sleeve seem to fit much better, but now I'm wondering about the neck. I'm so worried that I'm picking up stitches for the neck and going to put the edge stitches so I'll know if it really is too much neck. I made Al put it on to make sure the sleeves would be okay, and he said, "Is the V-neck suppose to show some cleavage?"

At least, I wouldn't be ripping back an entire sweater.

Anyway, as a distraction, I ordered this zen garden from kpixie. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to give it away because it's a smidge too pinkish for me. It really is a lovely color though.

Mims, I think the Torino Olympics weren't inspiring enough for you to finish your sweater. Too many cry-babies, not enough Apolo Ohnos. (He's a cutie.)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

knitter down!

well, it is now for certain, there is no olympic gold medal in my near future. maybe i'll try again in four years. i knit all of one row on thrusday. maybe about 8 yesterday and one was all i could manage today. i'm calling the ergonomics specialist at work on monday to watch me at my work station and see if it's something i'm doing there. (how cool is that. we have an ergomonics specialist in our human resources department.) if only i had a emily hughes to call on to finish the sweater...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

VV - They say "Third Time's a Charm"

We will believe it and I just know that the end result will be stunning. By the time you finish it you know that you're going to have to submit the pattern to Knitty and/or Magknits. KnitPixie might even want it! I'm just excited about seeing the final result on Al!

Mims, I am envisioning the new room with new floor and walls. It sounds fantastic. Be sure to send us a photo when you get a chance. Don't worry about the darn Olympic deadline. I'm having so much fun following the saga of your sweater.

Okay, last night Julie and I met at Tir Na Nog. They have this whole huge side room with tables and a fireplace and Wed. are evidently a fairly slow night. The only major thing going on was a "darts" tournament - or maybe it's a club or something. Anyway, they turned the lights up for us and it was perfect. Had something to eat and a couple of beers - my very favorite - Killians Irish Red. Then before we left I had an Irish Coffee. I'm telling you - those Irish put plenty of whiskey in their coffee's! Oh! You're wondering about the knitting! Well, Julie has this new plan - and I think it's a great one. Do your Christmas knitting between Jan and June. Then from June until Christmas you do whatever. Sounds like a plan to me! Marcy showed up (she had to visit the Helio's crowd first because she has some fellow olympic knitters to keep tabs on) and is making great progress on her beautiful over the knee socks with the eyelet up the back. The yarn is the Zephr wool/silk, I believe, and she's using it two stranded and it's so yummy! Fawn came by and she's almost finished the KNitandTonic's "swing coat" which she's knitting for the olympics and for a friend's little girl. It's really adorable! She's using Cascade Sierra Quatro and I'm in love with it. Need to tell her that I just noticed it's on sale at WEBS. Anyway - I tried casting on for the yoga socks and it was hilarious. I'm really going to have to practice and practice again just to get those darn stitches divided on those needles. Pray for me!

day 13

vv, thanks for the encouragement, i cracked a pretty good grin reading that. bev, christopher sounds fabulous and congratulations on your shawl! and i definitely wish i was at tir na nog with y'all.

as for my olympic knitting, well, we got the den painted last night. three coats. but i'm very happy with how it looks. it's just the shade of blue i wanted (light, but earthy) and it's probably the neatest job of painting joe and i have ever done. so i'd say all of about a half dozen rows were knit by me yesterday. tonight wasn't a whole lot better, my wrist and a couple of fingers on my right hand started hurting, so i stopped knitting pretty early this evening. the sleeve is about 13 inches now. i was hoping to finish on saturday, but now i think i might end up going down to the wire. bev, i totally empathize with you about picking up stitches. i've only done it once, and i'm pretty sure i didn't do it right. once all the pieces are sewn together i've got to pick up all the stitches up the front, around the neck and back down the other side of the front. i'm pretty nervous about that part.

oh yeah, i think the reason that my fingers started hurting might have something to do with the fact that it's freezing in my house since i have every damn window in the place open. they refinished the floor today. he said the smell would be noticable, but it wouldn't be bad. he lied. big time. i felt sick from the smell within about 12 seconds of walking in the door tonight. so, every window is open, except the ones in the room that is causing all the stench becuase we are not allowed to set foot on that floor right now. i'm trying to keep my eye on the prize... the room we spend the most waking hours in is going from the drabbest beige walls i've ever seen with completely groady, stained carpet to beatiful blues walls and warm honey hardwood floors...

vv, you are my idol. i have no idea how you find the patience and perserverence to knit the same yarn into the same sweater three times. i'm so impressed. it's definitely going to be the best sweater he's ever worn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How wonderful Beverly!!!!

When I'm back in Raleigh you will have to pull it out so I can see it. And Christopher is completely fine, I find it rather sweet that he's into things that make you happy. Did I tell you I have a friend (a guy) who is getting into knitting all on his own. Completely straight (married in fact), very, VERY cute. I sent him a bunch of, what I will refer to as 'guilt yarn' because every time I looked at it I feel guilty for buying it because I know that I bought it because it was on sale and I know I'm NEVER GOING TO KNIT with it. So I sent him a copy of Stitch 'N' Bitch with the guilt yarn and he LOVED IT. I think it would be great if someday Christopher became a great fashion designer and when interviewed he relates stories about how he would accesorized his grandmother when he was little.

Okay, now comes time for my sob story. So I finished Al's sweater with just one sleeve to go and I asked him to put it on and, he did, and it made him look like a complete JACKASS. Al was VERY VERY SWEET. He was very forgiving and I knew he would have worn the sweater anyway because he knew how long I had worked on it, but I couldn't do that to him. And while we're at it, I was a little lazy with doing the necessary math and measurements, so, let's say it together, I WENT BACK. ALL THE WAY BACK. I did the math. I took gobs of measurements. I'm doing the short rows for the shoulders, I'm going to block every so often and check it against the measurements. I wrote out the pattern step by step, so help me Jesus, I will knit sweater a third and LAST time and it will be the best fitting garment he owns.

In a way it feels like a purgatory punishment. I finish the sweater, but then I must unravel it and knit it again. Unravel, knit again. and again.

Well, so long as I'm in hell, I might as well sin a little. I bought some Susanne rosewood needles. They're beautiful. I'm not sure now whether I love the rosewood more than the ebony. I feel the need to have a complete set now. Anyway I'll post pictures of the sweater once again when it looks like something. The way you can tell it is the new attempt at the sweater will be the lovely rosewood needles.

BTW: GO MIMS!!!!!! I may not be a thousand people cheering on the side of the mountain, but I think you deserve some encouragement.

I finished the ruffled Sursa shawl and I have to say ITS GORGEOUS!

Okay, so I'm bragging. But I just never seem to finish anything. Well, I might finish something but then I fail to block it and it sits forever - languishing in the world of "Pink Great Yarns Bags" (you guys know what I'm talking about. I must have 2 dozen of those pink bags!). Anyway, I used the Brooks Farm wool/mohair/silk blend yarn that I bought at the Maryland Fiber Festival. I used Misti Alpaca yarn for the ruffle. Those of you that know me know of my fear of "picking up stitches". Well, sweet Kristin showed me this easy and remarkable way of picking up stitches that I actually understood. I should give credit where credit is due - actually VV showed Kristin and Kristin showed me. I had tried and frogged that darn ruffle 3 times before Kristin helped me get it right. I've actually got the shawl in a bag in my car because I want to have it with me so that whenever I see someone I know I can yank it out and show them. Me: "Oh look - let's see what I just happen to have in my car - why it's the beautiful shawl I just finished! How in the world did that get in there?" You guys get the picture. I've already used that trick on Julie.

Oh! I got the KPixie package in the mail yesterday. Had the yoga sock pattern and the Lorna's Laces worsted in it. That yarn is so darn soft! Anyway, I'm kind of excited about getting started on them.

That's about it. Oh, Christopher loves the shawl. He said that I should "make a hat and a scarf to go with it and you would look soooo pretty!". Didn't show it to the Nicole because she came by and saw Christopher wearing his very favorite outfit - emerald green camisole over a Chucky Cheese t-shirt and an old pair of his Mom's hot pink backless pumps, with a Barbie coat on the top of his head as his hat and she then proceeded to stomp out of the house telling me that I was "raising him wrong" and was going to be the cause of his "being gay". She left and I hugged him and told him he looked absolutely great in what he had on. Ain't motherhood/grandmotherhood grand?!

Julie and Marcy and I are meetin at Tir Na Nog tonight to drink and knit. Kristin and her Mom already had tickets to a play. I phoned the restaurant and they said that they could put us in a separate room and turn up the lights for us. I mean, how great is this?! Beer, whiskey (I mention this merely because evidently Wed. night is "whiskey" night), coffee, etc. Good friends and yarn. I'm a happy camper! Just with VV and Mims could join us!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

day 11

i have slightly renewed faith in my sweater. after blocking the two front panels seem to match each other pretty well. of course, they don't match the back panel, but why get bogged down with details? i finished the first sleeve and it is blocking as i type and i've got about a 4 inch start on the second sleeve. i also sewed up the shoulders on the front and back panels and holding that against the blocking sleeve has given me my first little glimpse of understanding on how all these pieces might make a whole sweater.

on a completely unrelated note, i went outside to smoke a cigarette before i started posting and i'm pretty sure that the kids next door are up to no good. i heard lots of whispering and coughing from across the fence. i'm guessing that they're smoking pot because smoking cigarettes is completely uncool out here in the northwest. not to mention expensive. i am slightly proud to admit that when i left north carolina i was smoking about 15 cigarettes a day and now i'm smoking 6 or 7 a day. joe and i keep puting off choosing a date to quit all together, but as long as we keep smoking less each month i think we're doing good. baby steps...

Monday, February 20, 2006

VV - Now you've got me loving the "Glad" pattern!

We met at Kristin's Mom's on Sunday (we're calling it "Starbucks South"). Her place is beautiful. Anyway, she had a laptop so I went to the blog and read some of your entries (and Mims') out loud. I am loving the lime green! Checked the Glad pattern out further on a couple of sites and now I've gotta make it. Just one more pattern to obsess over. I'm ready to start on knitandtonic's "not so shrunken cardigan" pattern. Of course I say that and I haven't purchased the yarn yet. I think that Alex would really like it though. Still waiting "not so patiently" for my Knit Pixie purchases - the Mac & Me "Yoga Sock" pattern and the Lorna's Laces worsted yarn. Should get here today. Of course you may remember that I always say that I will never knit socks again. I just really want to make these for my niece Maggie, the dancer. I bought the #3 and #5 double points for the pattern and now I'm just waiting. Will she or won't she finish the darn things? We'll see. Finally getting ready to find off on the ruffle on the Cornelia Tuttle/Noro "Sursa" shawl pattern. I used the Brooks Farm yarn that I bought in Maryland specifically for the shawl. I think it's going to turn out well. Of course I didn't notice until about 2 weeks ago that the yarn sheds terribly! I was wearing black and it was allll over me!

Julie has finishe picking up stitches on Andrew's vest. It looks fabulous! Marcie's still working on the tiny needles over-the-knee socks. Kristin is swatching for something but I can't remember what. Her Mom is working on a bag I believe. Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you guys again soon. Mims: Great work on the sweater.

day 10

day nine was bad. actually, day nine was clipping along at a lovely pace until i noticed that of my back and 2 front panels, none of the lengths are the same. i counted stitches and rows until i was cross eyed and still couldn't figure out where i went wrong. and then i was so disgusted with the whole thing i stopped knitting even though there was atleast another hour of knitting time left in the night. tonight i decided just to block it all anyway and pray that it's not as noticable when i sew it up. things are not looking good for my first sweater, but from now on i will simply knit all sweaters from the top down and never have to deal with this crap again. i've also been plugging along on the first of the sleeves. i've got 18 inches and am just about to start shaping the cap. as for the hood, forget it. on a non-knitting note, tonight i picked a wall color for our den. i'll buy the paint on my way to work tomorrow afternoon and we'll paint as soon as i get home from work tueday.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

too ... many ... projects ... can't ... concentrate

I'm not sure I'm ever going to finish this sweater. I don't know if the photos translate, but there is a color difference at the arm. It's all I can do NOT TO RIP the whole thing and start again.
So in true VV form, I've started a lot of little distraction projects to forget about the sleeve.

I'm knitting fingerless gloves because I think my circulation sucks and my hands get so cold when I knit.

Also a friend at the paper wants some dishcloths. It's kind of cute to think of knitted dishcloths and washing fiesta ware and looking outside a beautiful window on a sunny day, but I got to say I LOVE MY DISHWASHER! It allows me more time to knit. Anyway, at least I can use the scrap yarn I have to do it.

The lime green kidsilk haze in the picture is for the sweater I showed you guys in my previous post. I realized it's the same color as my little change purse only the other day. A friend came with me and I asked her to pick out the color and she picked the limey green. She hasn't even seen my little change purse. Who would've thunk?

as for the year in stitches blog. ayayaya. I actually have knitted some swatches that I haven't posted yet, but I'm way over my head. I've resigned myself to just do a swatch here and there and still post, but not kill myself, because let's face it, no one's really reading it.

i'm back for the second post in an hour. i've been thinking about the hood. have y'all knit a hood that you liked? i'd want it to be fitted (no elf-pointed-top). the one on the sweater vest i knit for sarah had the increases and decreases in the middle, but i didn't like how the decreases looked, so i changed the stitch used, but kept the decreases in the center. does that make more sense than having the increases and decreases at the edges?

Friday, February 17, 2006

day 8

woo hoo, party at yarngirls! bev, your post was no where near too much, keep it coming! vv, let's see those pics!

speaking of pics, here's the back of the sweater being blocked:

i took a semi-break yesterday, only knitting about 5 inches of the right front, but i i finished the front and the 5th ball of yarn today, bought some more straight pins cuz i still can't find the old ones, and blocked the back. i might start one of the sleeves before i go to bed. i was also thinking about maybe adding a hood since i've got the extra yarn, but i' don't know if i'll have the time to figure that out, or knit it for that matter, because we're having the floors in our den refinished starting wednesday. we need to move out all the furniture before then and paint the room, so i know i won't be doing any knitting on tuesday.

Whoa, you go offline for a few days and that's when everything happens

Holy mole! Wow, so much going on. I'm not doing anything in particular for the knitting olympics because I feel like Al's sweater is my project. So I finished the body and really only have to finish the sleeves, but again I'm worried. I think I will have enough yarn to finish (thanks to the top down method) but the yarn is definitely showing differences in color. The body looks fine, but the sleeves. Oy the sleeves. I'm trying to knit with two balls at once so the difference won't be so noticable, but I think they are noticable. I really just need to finish it though. We had a cold snap last night, but it's been warming up steadily before that, so I really must finish the sweater.

I'm definitely in for Maryland. Al and I are both coming back to Raleigh, so I'll probably drive up with you guys. Let me know the plan.

Beverly, I got my Interweave in the mail a week ago. I can email you a pdf of a pattern if you know which one you want.
I also got the new Rowan. I decide to make glad in a limey green color. but yes, i know, i must finish al's sweater first.

Mims, I didn't go to the fiber fest. I opted to be a good wife and spend time with Al instead. Actually I needed that time to round up the stuff I needed for his birthday. I got him a ben and jerry's ice cream cake and made him dinner.

I post pictures of the sweater and the yarn tonight when i get home.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Okay - here's a bit of an update - always more than you actually need to know I'm sure

Okay, just have a few. I'm in the throes of finishing the red shawl. I'm using a KnitNet tubetop stitch pattern for the shawl. I used Koigu handpainted yarn and it's beautiful. Ripped out the Rowan Summer Tweed sweater I'd started for Alex. I'm using a Peace Fleece pullover pattern instead. With this pattern it will still be slouchy but there will be a snowball-chance-in-hell that I'll actually finish it before she turns 15. Nicole is in trouble "with the law" yet again. I say this with with a southern drawl - hoping to give it the sort of Dukes of Hazzard/Billy Jack lean. Does anyone out there actually remember the movie "Billy Jack" besides myself? When I was in high school that was a cult movie. I mean EVERYBODY THAT WAS ANYBODY had to see that movie. It was a sort of rebel movie. Most of you guys are probably to young to remember it. Don't really know what to compare it to. If you were to watch it today you'd probably laugh hysterically at how poorly it was performed but at the time it seemed so "deep". I'm thinking that I will absolutely have to see if NetFlix has it! Anyway, enough of that. Let's just say that I'm not knitting the 19 year old anything right now - unless it's a blanket for ther jail cell. I know - it's not funny. I have to laugh or I might cry.

Waiting patiently (okay - so not really patiently) for the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits to go on the stand. Noticed that one of the knitting internet sites already had it for sale but I'm trying oh-so-hard to wait until it hits my local yarn store - Great Yarns. It's supposed to hit the racks on the 21st but I think I'll call them again today - just in case.

VV, I'm still counting on Maryland in May. I'll talk with the girls about it on Sunday. Kristin's Mom has actually offered us her condo in Raleigh to start meeting at if we'd like. We're really excited about that possibility. VV and Mims - you both absolutely have to plan on Maryland in May.

One more thing. I really want to make the Mac & Me "Yoga Socks". They're on the knit pixie (kpixie.com) site under patterns - Mac & Me. As much as I hated trying to learn to knit socks I really want to make these so I'm hoping that the gals can heldp me through it. Gotta run. Alex is staying after school for Drama Club and I have to get there in - oops - I"m late now.

So good to be back on the blog!! OH! Almost forgot. Crazy Marcie is knitting gorgeous leg warmer/socks with eyelets all the way up the back for her olympian project. They're like over-the-knee knee socks. They're so pretty but the needles are so, so tiny. If anyone can do it though - it will be Marcie! Saw her Sunday for the first time in months! She looks as wonderful as always. Oooh! Got to meet Joe finally.

day 6

ball 4 of yarn has been finished as has the left front of the sweater and almost 5 inches of the right front. all of which is pointing toward the fact that earlier panic about not having enough yarn seems to be completely unfounded. of course, the 3 extra balls of yarn i ordered arrived today. oh well. i'm sure i'll come up with a use for it sooner or later. and with the yarn came barbara walker's knitting from the top. i read a little of the introduction tonight while taking breaks from my olympic knitting and i wish i had bought it before christmas when vv first mentioned it here. i'm so excited to read all of it and to start knitting!

beverly, welcome back! i can't wait to hear more from you.

vv, did you make it to the fiber festival last week? how was al's birthday?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I got back on!!!

There was some work done on my computer and I lost my automatic "in" to the blogs and then couldn't find my username or password and it's taken me this long to finally get the info. I needed from blogspot. I've missed talking with you guys! I've gotta hit the road for the evening but I'll get back on tomorrow and see what's going on. Got to knit and Julie, Kristin (Amelia Rose too!), Kristin's Mom and believe it or not - Marcie! It was so great seeing her. Amelia Rose is a little angel face! Talk to you tomorrow!

day 5

still on ball 4 of yarn. not much knitting got done tonight (there are 11 inches of the left front of the cardigan now) because i wasted a lot of time being confused and fustrated. i cannot for the life of me find my straight pins to block the back of the sweater. no earthly idea where they might be. and i was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to shape the neck because of my gauge difference from the pattern's. i started charting it last night after i posted and thought it was making sense, but then i didn't like how it was lining up with the armhole shaping when i added that to the chart tonight. major fustration ensued for a while, but i looked at some other sweaters and think i have it figured out. i've written out the pattern for the rows where the armhole and v-neck shaping are happening at the same time. 5 more rows before i reach that part of the knitting. the sweater has a set in sleeve and it just occured to me that i could have some real problems when i reach that portion becuase of the other changes i've made to the pattern. i decided that i can only properly freak out about one piece of a sweater at a time, so i'm just not going to worry about the sleeves until i get there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

day 4

i finished the back of the sweater before i went to work this afternoon. woo hoo! tonight i knit about 5 and a half inches of the left front, about 2 inches into that i started on the 4th ball of yarn. woo hoo! i'm feeling pretty good about my pace so far. i'm trying to factor in the possibility of having to frog some of the front when i get to the armhole and neck shaping.

vv (or anyone else who might be reading this), do you block the pieces of a sweater individually or wait until everything is seamed and stuff?

Monday, February 13, 2006

day 3`

sunday is the first day of my work week, so all those hours at the office cut into my knitting time. i have a really hard time gauging how much of a ball of yarn i've used, but i'd guess it was about half. about 18 inches of the back is knit. my goal for tomorrow is to finish the back and get atleast a couple of inches of the left front knit. last night i ordered 3 more balls of the yarn and as long as i was online ordering i went ahead and threw the book about knitting from the top down into the cart. i imagine that i'm completely out of my mind, but i'm already thinking that for my second sweater i'll just make up the pattern myself. hee hee.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

day 2

the 2nd ball of yarn is done and i'm completely sick of straight stockinette. the last row i knit tonight was the first row of the armhole shaping and i think it was slightly frightening how excited i was to bind off the 1st 4 stitches on that row.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

day 1

my shoulders are aching, but i knit 6 inches of the back of the sweater today. the sweater is from "the yarn girls' guide to beyond the basics" and it's named "give it a whirl." today's knitting took 1 full ball of yarn. which brings me to my first problem of the compitition. i bought 10 balls of yarn. this would have been lovely if i was on the pattern's gauge (which i thought i would be when i bought the yarn). but i'm not. this is defintely not going to be enough yarn. but i'm not sure how much more i need. and, of course, this yarn purchase was my very first one from a website instead of a lys.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Someone pull the wool in front of my eyes

How did I not know there would be a fiber market in Tacoma this weekend? Actually it's starting right now and is open until 6 p.m. I've thought about justing bolting work, but I guess my boss wouldn't really like that.

So how wrong would it be to go to a fiber festival on your husband's birthday? Pretty wrong, huh? Maybe I could come in late tomorrow and go before his birthday...


Mims, you should check out the comments, someone left some good advice, but I'm not trying to push here, but I'm really loving the knit from the top method. That's how I'm knitting Al's sweater and it's a V-neck also. I haven't wrote down anything, but I could probably write something down by this weekend and post it if you want. The only really hard thing is you have to do a provisional cast on, which is really easy, but not really easy to explain.

If you want to start, what you should do is measure the width between the shoulders (basically the back) and cast on the number of stitches to get that measurement, for example, your gauge is 15 stitches per 4 inches, or 3.75 stitches to the inch. Since I personally hate fractions, I would round that up to 4 stitches per inch. So let's say your back is 15 inches wide (basically from where your left arm starts, across the back and to where your right arm starts) So you would multiply 15 by 4 to get 60 stitches. So you would cast on 60 stitches with the provisional cast on. (If you are doing a pattern, cast on a few more or less to accomodate the pattern).

Next you will have to do some division. So the gist is, you will want to divide the number of stitches by a third, so a third of the stitches will make up the right shoulder, the second third will make up the neck and the last third will make up the left shoulder. So in the example above, you will have 20 stitches for your left shoulder, 20 stitches for your neck and 20 stitches for your right shoulder.

So with this in mind, knit 20 stitches (for your right shoulder) place a marker, the knit the next 20 stitches and place a marker, then knit the remaining stitches. (for your left shoulder) The stitches between the marker denotes the neck.

Knit straight (or whatever pattern you are following for about 2 inches.)

Okay, that's all I can remember off the top of my head, I'll have to try and remember what I did for the front. The beginning is the hardest part, After you get through it, the rest is a piece of cake, and you can try the sweater on as you go to make sure the armholes fit and that it's the right size all along the way.


i need help with my knitting olympics pattern! so the pattern i want to use calls for a gauge of 13 st to 4 inches. the yarn i am using on the needles i want to use is 15 sts to 4 inches. so i'm trying to rewrite the pattern for my gauge. i've never done this before. the sweater is a v-neck cardigan. the pattern gives instructions for shaping the armholes and the v-neck seperately. (which i feel should be some type of crime, but have been told by friends that this is a common thing.) it tells me where to start the armhole shaping, but there is no mention of where to start the v-neck shaping. the only thing that i can come up with is that i need to knit the back first, and then count rows backward from the top to figure out where to start the v-neck shaping in relation to the armhole shaping. am i missing something? i was hoping that i'd be able to finish translating the pattern into my new gauge on thursday so i won't have to waste any valuable knitting time during the olypmpics. any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

the knitting olympics page ran today. it was so much fun to design and i'm really happy with how the whole page turned out.

vv, i'm totally feeling you on the rain. earlier this week i heard a weatherman say it had rained 45 of the past 50 days. this sun is just what i needed. and good riddance to the sea hawks! sorry the super bowl wasn't more enjoyable for you...

Okay ...

I should be posting more, I know and I'm sorry. My other blog has gone to complete s**t too. And the crazy thing is that I'm actually still knitting the swatches, just not getting around to posting about them. I plan the Seahawks. Maybe that's wrong, but I wouldn't have to work 12 days straight if it weren't for them and their Super Bowl, which I didn't even get to watch because I was too busy working. I AM SO BITTER!

However bitter I am, that doesn't mean I should ignore you guys. During my dark, rainy days in Seattle (really, it has dried out a bit and for the past couple of days we have had a fair amount of sunshine) I've been thinking about Maryland. So let me know what you girls are thinking. Al and I are making plans to come back to Raleigh around then, so I'm definitely in.

Mims, I went ahead and allowed comments. I think I turned that feature off because we were getting a lot of spam.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

olympic rings.

well, here they are. i'm not sure if i'm really happy with it. i can fix some of it just by pulling stitches from the back to make the loose ones a little tighter since it's just for a photo shoot. vv mentioned the the multiply layer effect in photoshop to me and since the shoot isn't until thursday i might go ahead and knit just a white background tomorrow (with much better tension) and i can put the rings in in photoshop.