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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sorry I've been away...

This blog thing is kicking my ass. Trying to have a life, finish knitting a sweater I desperately want to wear and trying to knit every stitch in this book is eating quite a chunk of time.

It's weird feeling tied to a blog that you know no one is reading, but I'm really enjoying learning the stitches.

Work's been a little busy. The Seahawks have a shot at the Super Bowl and that is keeping the guy next to me extremely busy, which makes me busy picking up the other stuff that he would normally do. He's doing a great job though.

I also am trying to get a group from the paper to go up to Whistler for a snowboarding/downhill skiing/crosscountry skiing/snowshoeing trip. Aaackkk!

You must try the cowl sweater, it's turning out great. I'll post a picture of it when it's done.

Oh, I'm going to be in Florida this weekend, visiting fam, but I have two super-long plane rides, hopefully I can finish some of my projects.


Blogger mims said...

i'm so glad you mentioned your other blog, i had completely forgotten, but now i'm all caught up!

another question for you, the sweater you were working on and posted a pic of on dec. 6th, which sweater is that?

11:57 PM


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