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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

too much knitting?

i have knit about about 150 yards of yarn in the last 2 days, which doesn't sound like all that much to me, but my right shoulder and neck are hurting from it. i'd say i've over 3/4 of the way done with the scarf for my dad. and i just decided to knit some little christmas ornaments for our parents stockings.

digressing to newspaper design for a moment, vv, i think you would be amused, i am apparnetly now known here for putting photos and other things into circular shapes. the guy who designs the sunday features cover used one for a refer last week on the cover story and refered to it as a "mims box."


Blogger vv said...

that's hilarious!!!!! i think i'm going to adopt the term.

actually now it's like a goal, how many mims' boxes i can get into the paper.

on the shoulder front, i bought this buck wheat husk pillow thing that you can heat in the microwave and i like to place it over my shoulders when i'm knitting. it seems to help out alot. i got it from the whole foods here.

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