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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

is this too easy a time of year?

so i gave joe the scarf and hat i knitted him for his birthday on friday. this weekend i finished the scarf for cindy and worked some more on the scarf for my father, which will probably be finished with another 1/2 hour of knitting and i sewed in the ends on the hooded scarf for my sister. the only christmas knitting i had left were 4 ornaments, one for each of our parent's stockings. deciding that that woud not be nearly hectic enough, i realized that my sister needed a sweater for chirstmas. i've never knit a sweater before. but i went and dropped 80 bucks at the yarn garden last night and tonight i finished the back of the sweater. it's actually a hooded sweater vest, so in 24 hours i got more than a third of it done. (it's super bulky, knit on 17s.) i'm feeling good about the decision, so good that i might just have to add another christmas project after this one... how's everyone else's holiday knitting going?


Blogger Beverly said...

Oh my gosh! Mims - you're my new knitting hero! I think you're gaining on the KNit and Tonic and the Chicknits gals! I'm so impressed. Of course I'm also ashamed because I haven't gotten nearly that much done. I want to say "Mims, meet me at such-and-such and let's knit!". I hate that you're so far away. Of course I'm living for May when hopefully we can all get together in Maryland! Meant to ask you. Did you use the pattern I sent you for the hooded scarf or another?

8:23 AM

Blogger mims said...

beverly, i ended up starting with a hood pattern from the hooded sweater i'm knitting now. i wanted a rounded hood for this one and the red riding hood pattern had more of a point to it. although i was thinking about knitting that one after the holidays...

12:38 AM


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