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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i'm so proud of myself...

does it count as my first sweater even though it's only a vest? does the fact that it has a hood help make up for the lack of sleeves? either way, the knitting is done. it is currently blocking. tomorrow it will be seemed. (or is it seamed?) and wednesday it will be given to my sister. i'm unreasonably proud of it, but i feel like that's okay just this once. on the knitted ornaments front, one is done and that is all that will be done. it was quick but it was not at all fun. it's going in my mother's stocking and all the other parents will just have bought stuff in their stockings. i got the 5th season of the west wing on dvd from work and i finished the knitting of the sweater while watching an episode tonight. and then we watched another episode and i did not knit during it. it was so strange. but i have no idea what to do next now that the christmas knitting is done. we don't have enough for joe's mother, so a part of me is almost insane enough to start one more project, but i have no earthly idea what knitted item (that can be accomplished in less than a week) she might like. so i think i really am done with the holiday knitting...


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