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Monday, December 05, 2005

i finsished the boring garter and seed stitch scarf for my sister's boyfriend tonight. and i have started an even more boring garter stitch scarf for my father. he's so picky, i'm afraid he'll think any other stitch is too girly or something. he saw me working on the one for mike and commented on how much he liked it, in part because it was "flat." (i would have called all the scarves i've ever made flat, but oh well...)

in slightly more exciting news, i went to the fabric depot this weekend because i need to get some curtains in my living room and they were having a 40 percent off sale. it turns out that i am not qualified to pick fabric for curtains on my own-- i was much too indesicive. but the store also had yarn! and ALL of it was 30 percent off!! most of it was kinda of crappy, but i got 4 skiens of an alpaca blend in a super dark purple. and i'm pretty sure they had ever single yarn lion brand makes. i had no idea that one company made so many different yarns. they even have a cashmere blend. i got some of that to make my dad's scarf. i don't think any one would ever mistake it for full cashmere, but it's pretty darn soft.

in other knitting news, i still haven't decided whether or not to rip out the hooded scarf and i'm still crocheting the blanket. and my friend lisa libby (from the fiber festival) was on the same bus as me one morning last week, wearing her scarf! her exams end this week and then we're going to get together because now she want to learn how to do a hat!


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