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Sunday, November 27, 2005

woohoo!!!!!!! part 2

i am finally spinning on my wheel. it was an hour drive to dundee, oregon, but there i found pacific wool and fiber, and i am now the proud owner of a full pound of white corriedale cross top which i am spinning into an amazingly inconsistent yarn, but spinning none-the-less! vv, the article in the spinning magazine you sent me finally started making some sense to me after reading it for the 40th time today. and assuming i improve enough to create a yarn that would actually be knittable, i can move on to the next endevour-- dying it!

i knit my first scarf with a hood over the past couple of days, i'm not quite sure if it's turned out okay. somehow, where i was decreasing on the hood came out kinda funny, like my tension was way too loose on just the decrease stitches or something. i've put it aside for the moment and decided to wait a couple of days before making the decision to rip out the hood or not.

i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!


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