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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

what happened to me???

so i walked in this morning to work and on the free magazine table i spotted a magazine that caught my eye. i started thumbing through it and was like, 'that's cool', that's looks like i would wear it', maybe i should get my hair cut like that', and then i thought, 'what magazine is this again?' and i flipped back to the cover and discover it was FAMILY CIRCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert psycho music here)

this is one of those defining moments that years later i'll look back and say, 'that was the moment i could longer kid myself any longer, i was so out of MTV's demographic.'

(but i watch the 'real world' and 'pimp my ride', i halfway understand what the vj's are saying.)

but i know in my heart i really am a vh1er. 'i love the 80s' – watched every single year, 'the best week ever' – the best show ever.

i guess now i'm a family circler too. that blows.


Blogger Beverly said...

You're too funny! You are "NOT" one of those girls! Don't start worrying until your favorite (non knitting0 magazine "More" for women over 40. I really love this magazine. Of course I'm over 40 so it's appropriate. Just keep in mind that knowing me will keep you always younger because I'll always be younger. YOu seem like a 20 year old to me - so there!

11:40 AM


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