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Sunday, November 20, 2005


our party's gotten a little bit bigger over the past week!

joe's hat is finished. and i made another hat this weekend. i think this one is for myself, which seems so wrong this close to christmas, but it'll look great with my coat and it's damn cold here and i almost never knit anything for myself. it has earflaps. they make me so happy...

other than the hats, i'm knitting away on the boring scarf for my sister's boyfriend. and still working on the crochet blanket. it's going to be a wedding gift for my friends allie and jordan who got married at the beginning of the month. they only announced 6 weeks before the wedding date, so i figure i have a couple months grace period to get the present done.

in fun knitting news, i've been invited to join a knitting group at work. they meet on tuesdays at one in our office lunchroom. i have no idea how many people there are (or who they are other than the asst. arts editor who invited me). they will obviously be no knitwits, but it will hopefully be fun none-the-less!


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