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Monday, November 07, 2005

so maybe i've gone off the deep end

so i know marcy said never to make major knitting decisions after 10 p.m. and i really think that it was tecnically 9:30 when i decided to do it, but remember the orange sweater. you know, the whole hollywood knits velma sweater. well, it's been quite chilly lately and i've been wanting to wear it, but i put it on twice and just keep futzing with the neck.

so i ripped it out.

that's right, i said it. i went back. ALL THE WAY BACK. i would show you guys a picture, but it's a little painful to look at it right now.

so, the plan is to make a new sweater, one that i will want to wear all the time, possibly a cowl neck. but more importantly a sweater that i will not futz with the neck when i wear it.

on another note of going off the edge, i decided to do another blog, www.ayearinstitches.blogspot.com. i made it a different one because i'm taking the 365 stitches perpetual calendar and knitting a swatch of the stitch of the day starting jan. 1. why? you ask, well, i like the idea of doing something guiness-book-of-world-records-like, but don't acutally think i could pull something like that off, so this seems in the realm of man with the longest fingernails, but not as gross or as time consuming.

anyone want to join me? (insert Bach's fugue in D organ music here.)


Blogger Beverly said...

Okay, let me understand you correctly. YOu're going to knit a "swatch" a day using the stitch of the day? I guess you plan on giving up washing your hair and taking showers for a while?! I think I'll have to sit out on this one but believe me - I will be watching and reading the blog! About the sweater. What about the ever-comfy-looking sweater Banff on the Knitty site. I can't remember what issue it was in but you can easily find it under their pattern archives button. I"ve printed it out more than once thinking that I'd whip it up for one of the girls. It has a cowl neck and looks so comfortable.

9:13 AM


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