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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Okay, I might have to go to Plan B.

So I walked into a local yarn shop and they were out of the calendar, and also advised me that there are a bunch of mistakes in the calendar, so many in fact that I could pretty much just go to the website and look up the stitches there without having to buy the calendar.

As an alternative suggestions, the sales assistant said Barbara G. Walker's 'A Treasury of Knitting Patterns' was a far better choice. So I bought it, and I got to say, it looks intimidating. This is OLD SCHOOL. No pretty color photographs here. I think the publisher may have just taking the stitches and laid them on a xerox machine and called it a day.

So tell me what you think, should I go with Plan A and get a copy of the calendar and follow it on the blog, or should I go old school and do 'A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.'


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