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Friday, November 04, 2005

Okay girls - where is everyone?!

Mim's I just pdf'd the Red Riding Hood pattern to you. I can also mail you a color copy so just let me know. I have your address. It's the weekend so I wanted to make my end-of-the-week post. Talked with Julie a bit last night when we were picking up the little boys. We're hopefully going to get together Sunday at Starbucks on Peace and Glenwood - if anyone wants to join. I normally try to get there around 1:00 but sometimes it's 2:00 or later. Sure would love to see you guys. Mims and VV - we need to hook up some sort of live webcam so that we could sit a laptop on the table and you two girls could be in the same room with us! Anyway, I'm going to keep chugging along on Christopher's sweater. He's going to be 4 years old next Sunday, the 13th but unfortunately I will not have the sweater finished by then. Hopefully by Christmas. Still looking for some reasonably priced cashmere to make my boss a scarf for Christmas. I've found some great cashmere but not in the color I want. I want a dark brown and everything I look at is either natural color or tan or some bright color. Keep a lookout for me.


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