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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving You Guys!

I miss seeing all of you so very much! I don't think I realized how fond of am of each of you until I wasn't able to see you each week. One of the ladies in the
'Ol North State knitting guild just e-mailed this pattern. It's not actually a chicken but sure looks like one. http://www.alohamedia.net/sarah/hats/chicken-viking/. Looks like it's only sized for a baby but it's still adorable! I love the basic stitch pattern - minus the horns/wings.

Hoping to get some knitting done this weekend. I got so bored with Christopher's sweater that I put it aside for a while. I'm making headway on a shrug out of Calmer and a shawl. Ripped out Nicole's Berroco hot pink Suede shawl and I've got to start on that again.

Our office move went well. I'm now over at the North Hills Shopping Center and I believe I've told you we're right above Moe's (I'm sorry - I've probably told you this half a dozen times). It's like being on Rodeo Drive! The stores (other than Penney's and Target - what would I do without Target?) aren't exactly the kind that you'd just swing into and pick up a few things. I've only made it to the Starbucks once. The guys working there weren't particularly friendly but I've decided that I'll whip them into shape! I spend too much time and money in Starbucks to deal with little snot nosed guys. Perhaps I"ll have to knit them something to wear them down.

Anyway, you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we've absolutely got to get together soon! I'm already so excited about the next Maryland Festival because I know that we'll all be able to get together - at least I hope so! Gotta see VV and Mims! Hope to talk to you or see you on the blog soon!


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