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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

bev, thanks so much for the pattern, the pdf is great.

vv, i have no idea about which you should knit, i've never heard of either of them. so how big of a swatch are you talking for each day?

i was in the mountains of virginia this weekend for a friend's wedding. on planes and in airports and cars i knit a scarf from the brown and blue yarn vv gave away before she moved. i alternated between blocks of garter and stockingnet on pretty big needles, and i really like how it turned out. i think it is for lisa, but i'm not sure yet. i also started a hat for joe. i got as far as when the decreasing started, but i didn't have a second set of circular needles with me for that. i also started a scarf for my sister's boyfriend. (i only got about 3 or 4 inches of that last one done. it started in garter and my sister wanted it striped, but not in a different color. so just tonight i started some rows in seed stitch. this stitch is a serious pain in the rear-- this is the first time i've used it and it just might be the last... and it doesn't even look that different from garter.) now, i'm sure you will all be dumb-struck, but i still haven't finished the damn scarf for joe! everyday, i think i just need about 10 more rows and i'll be done. then i knit 20 rows and it's still just a little too short. i swear, it has stopped growing at all.

my other airplane activity was the sunday soduku puzzle. it is the first sunday one i have ever finished, so i'm feeling pretty darn pleased with myself.


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