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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

you all are so silly

i didn't realize the title thing was such a big deal, i usually just write what would be the first sentence i would write for the blog entry. you guys could probably just skip the title all together if you wanted to.

but i do know what you mean about gift panic time. i had to put aside the knitting that i really want to be working on to knit the things i should have given out as presents 4 months ago.

beverly, your girls are getting older now, they will appreciate the fact that you are a kick ass mom, so i wouldn't worry about christmas presents now. and really, when i was a kid (and now also), money is good. and it doesn't have to be alot. to make it look better, you could also give them the ol' savings bond. (truly a horrible gift in your kids eyes, but in 20 years, they will thank you for it.)

mims, you need to wind the yarn from the drop spindle into a skein. if you don't have a knitty knotty, i would use your hand and elbow.
i can do some research about where you can get a spinning wheel in portland, but if you come up for a visit, i can take you to a place here that sells them.

about the photo? i just thought you guys would get a kick out of the dungeness crab festival al and i went to. he *caught* those crabs (if you consider hundreds of crabs being thrown in a dumpster-sized tank and a fishing line contraption that snares the crabs by the legs "catching")


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