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Monday, October 31, 2005

vv, horns could totally work for hallowig! and you know alpaca is my favorite fiber (that i can actually afford)! i say we should be all over than in april.

i just started planning my christmas knitting tonight. joe is going to get a hat in a lighter gray to compliment the charcoal scarf that i've been working on for what feels like 2 years for his birthday. my sister is going to get a hooded scarf. and that is as far as i've gotten with the planning. i think someone might get mittens, because that's something i haven't made yet that i want to. but i'm worried about them being like the socks. the first one was reasonably fun, but the 2nd one probably won't get done for another year. have y'all seen the "bloom" pattern in this issue of knitty? i'm thinking about that for my mother or my mother-in-law (but obviously not in that awful rainbow color).


Blogger Beverly said...

Mim's I have the 2nd book by the snotty Hollywood Knits lady. I think it's "Hollywood Styles". Anyway, there's a really neat "Red Riding Hood" pattern that's essentially a hooded scarf. I'll be happy to pdf it to you (in color) or to mail you a copy of it it in color. Just let me know.

11:43 AM

Blogger mims said...

bev, i just emailed your work with the info to send me the pattern, thanks so much!

7:59 PM


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