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Sunday, October 23, 2005

still no wheel for me...

i finally got an email back from teh woman on craig's list. the wheel had already been sold. oh well...

i did finally get a library card today and went straight to the knitting section. the choices were a bit slim, but i checked out 2 books that looked like they might have a fun pattern or 2 hidden within. i also hit a new (to me) knitting store. it was really tiny, but quite cute. actually, the space wasn't that small (considerably larger than great yarns) but the yarn was not packed in like it is there. it was really open with several sofas and a few little tables to hang out and knit at. also sold coffee, beer and pastries. if it was in walking distance i'd definitely be there hanging out and knitting. they were playing really good music. they had crap loads of debbie bliss, but i didn't see the infamous calmer (is that debbie bliss?)

vv, your knitting pics are smashing. the dog sweater is entirely too cute. and the sweater of your own design amazes me.

okay, well i'm off to ebay and craig's list in search of another wheel...


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