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Thursday, October 27, 2005


do you guys know about this? http://www.rockandshopmarket.com/about.html

they go on and on about what happened last year. i don't remember this at all. i think they are on crack, but someone has to go and check it out so i know for sure.


Blogger Beverly said...

First I've seen or heard of it. I'm going to go and check out the link right now. I'll e-mail (comment) again after doing so.

1:02 PM

Blogger Beverly said...

Okay, I just looked. I knew about it but I never got the impression that it was that big. Geez, it says "sponsored by BUST magazine". News to me. I haven't heard any talk at all - on the street (as they say) about it. And it certainly wasn't a big event last year.

4:17 PM


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