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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

long awaited photos

so i'm finally getting around to posting photos, so first, let's get rid of the guilt...

ta-dah!!!! my neice's bamboo sweater. let me just say that i love the fact that the yarn is made of bamboo, but i was very unhappy about the fact that when i bought the ball of yarn to finish the sweater, it was a different color. i'm not sure you can see it in the photo, but it is definitely a different color. the sweater is mostly an orangy color, but the left side (the one that i had to finish) is a more yellowy shade. i mentioned this to some friends at work and they all said 'Yeah, I can see the color difference.' To which I replied 'That blows.'

Second, I'm working on a dog sweater for my friend Jen at work. Her chihuahua is named Moby, so that is what the 'M' stands for. I'm thinking of submitting the pattern to knitty. What do you guys think? My cat obviously thinks it's a bad idea.

And lastly, I've been working on the Sweater of My Own Design and sewing the sleeves has been a challenge. The only style of sweater that I have managed to sew a great seam is on raglan sweaters. oh well, this will have to do. I'm thinking of knitting a second sweater to maybe improve on some of the details. I'm working on the collar now, so I'll show you a pic when it's all done.


Blogger Beverly said...

First, I can't tell the difference in color on the picture you posted. It looks perfect from this end. Second, the dog sweater is adorable. Why not submit it?! I mean, they have some things on there that I think are such a waste of time. Your pattern is so cute and I think having the letter on it sets it apart from other patterns I've seen. You'll also have to submit our sweater design once it's done. Of course you should have put a picture of your sweet mug on the blog silly girl. We miss seeing you!

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