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Friday, October 28, 2005

Knit and Tonic does have a housekeeper

I remember reading that too, and that she spends 'girlfriend's' nap time as the time she blogs. i know, she seems to whip things up overnight. but i still like her (even as i tear out the neck of 'my sweater of my own design' for the upteenth time). i like to think if i have access to a rich husband and a housekeeper and a kid who sleeps all day that i too, could have a whole wardrobe of handknitted items at my disposal.

so on to the real world, as i said, i ripped out the neck of 'the sweater' and have started again. i have also started the ITV gorilla (see picture), and i'm working on a schematic of a maternity sweater that could become a regular sweater after the baby is born. i think all of these things will be done in the year 2020, which will be sad because by then no eye doctor will be able to get my sight back to that after working on these projects. (i'm not even going to mention the Rebecca sweater and their german to english to crap directions they give.)

however, working of the ITV gorilla, i've discovered the kickass-ness of blue sky alpaca. i'm thinking that the maternity-not! sweater i have in mine might have to be made of it. i know, i know, what happened to me being the cashmere whore? all of a sudden everything is alpaca this and alpaca that... well, it's not like i wouldn't want to make these sweaters and things in cashmere, put as alpaca is known as the poor woman's cashmere, well i guess that makes me poor. (but the stuff ain't cheap, at one of the yarn stores here, it's $8.50 a hank, although i've seen it on knitpixie.com for a dollar less.)


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