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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Oct. and I'm Officially In Panic/Overdrive/Holiday Mode!

Mim's, I'm with you on the "title" problem. You want to have a catchy title but you spend more time thinking about that than you do about what you're going to actually say in the post. Please keep me posted on how you like the Denise needles. I've really been wanting to get them but I want some up close and personal reviews.

Okay, in Oct. I have Nicole's birthday and the Fair. That's bad because I've got to shell out money to everyone for the Fair, in addition to thinking of what to get Nicole for her birthday. I know, I know. Some of you are saying "why do you have to get her anything? You raise her son". But I also know that you realize how sentimental a time a child's "birth" day is so I have to get something. Then there's Halloween and costumes to think about and Fall Festivals. Then we're into November. If you're putting any toys on layaway at K-Mart of WalMart then you need to start that in October or November at the latest. Of course I probably won't do this because the thought of going to either place and standing in a layaway line is more than I can bear. November used to be my ex-husband's birthday. Ha! Used to be. That's funny. I guess it still lis his birthday but since I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!, I can mark that one off my calendar! Of course the girls will think about it and feel sad and then I'll feel bad for them and then I'll feel guilty that I gave them such a crappy Dad in the first place, and so on and so on in the guilt department. November is also the time to panic about knitted gifts . I mean, in November you've barely got a month to finish the gifts - or in my case - get the gifts started. Then there's Thanksgiving. I'm assuming that you get the picture by now. Oh and darn it! Today's my boss's birthday and I left his small chocolate cake in the fridge at home!

I'm thinking that I need a week off and I need to stay in a hotel room the entire time and do nothing but knit. Guess I'd have to have my food brought it so that I wouldn't have to take time away from knitting. Better yet, I could just bring bread and water with me.


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