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Sunday, October 16, 2005

i just put a bid on a spinning wheel on ebay.

it's got a day and a half left in the auction, and i assume my bid won't be enough, but we'll see...
the yarn in the barn thing today wasn't that cool. just some mis-dyed stuff on sale in the corner of this antique shop that was infront of a big red barn. but it was in a town named scapposse, which i have discovered that i really enjoy saying outloud. i bought 30 bucks of roving (50% merino, 50% tencile). it doesn't seem like that much fiber so i shudder to think what it cost not on sale. on the way back to portland (it was about 1/2 hour away) we stopped at sauvie island, and island in the middle of the columbia river that is so big parts of it are in 2 different county. we stopped at a huge farm for pumpkins, corn and frozen blueberries. some of the blueberries went into a cobbler tonight and there were great.


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