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Sunday, October 09, 2005

i hate having to think of a title, nothing ever feels punchy enough...

i broke down and bought the set of interchangable circular needles at yarn garden when i was out running errands today. i've been knitting away on the scarf for joe, which feels like i will never be close to finishing. i got some more yarn for the stupid blanket i'm crocheting and worked on that a little. and i've been doing a bit of spinning. so now my drop spindle is full. vv or marcy, or any one else out there who knows-- what the hell do i do now? and joe has offered to buy me a spinning wheel for our anniversary this week. i'm tempted, but it's a ton of money, and i don't even know where to find one here, and if i run in to problems, i have no one in town who can set me straight. anyone have any thoughts/advice on the situation?


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