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Monday, October 31, 2005

i downloaded the pattern...

don't bother with buying the kit, i've read on some sites that the pattern can be a bit on the complicated side, i haven't experienced any of that yet, but i know online there is another pattern that is suppose to be simpler.

mims, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you know, i was scoping out the web and there is an alpaca festival in april around tacoma. just to let you know to keep that in you calendar. you know, if you need any help, just call or blog.

so i wanted to wear my hallowig to work for my costume, and with minutes to go before i had to go to work today, i finished seaming it up, only to discovered i'd messed up and instead of looking like a wig, i have these horn things on the front and back of the wig. oh well, that sucks.


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