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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feeling like an Idiot! Is this sweater not meant be?

I've been working on Christopher's sweater/hoodie off and on for a while. He's even asked me about it. Okay - this is what I did: I bound off the back of pullover/hoodie. Had the correct 16 inches. I had just been telling Julie that this was a slower knit becuase of the smaller needles (looked like 6 or 7's) and that Alex's cardigan (out of Rowan Cork) was moving so much faster (size 11 needles - duh!). Anyway, I was ready to start on the front of Christopher's sweater and was going to start on the ribbing at the bottom (which, by the way, I changed to seed stitch) when I started looking at my needles. It called for 5's for the bottom ribbing and 7's for the body of the sweater. Okay. Here it goes. I HAD KNITTED THE ENTIRE BACK IN SIZE 5 NEEDLES! What planet have I been knitting on?! I'm thinking that maybe I started with the intention of knitting the ribbing/seed with 5's and was meaning to change to 8's or maybe 7's. I can't figure out why I would have used different needles than called for at all because my yarn knitted to gauge and I had the right size needles handy. Anyway, I ripped the whole back out. The odd thing is that I wasn't even that upset at the time. I just saw it as more fun time to knit (not worrying, obviously, about the 6-8 other projects that i'm in the midst of). Anyway, this time I started the ribbing (actually seed stitch) with size 6's and changed to 8's for the body. It's going to be a bit bigger of course than the original but I actually wanted it bigger. AND - it's suddenly become a much quicker knit! Just makes me worry about myself that I went for that long and didn't even notice.

It gets worse (crazier?). Last night I'm knitting away - using the # 8's circular Bryspun's that I waited for for so long. The join broke! Just broke right off. I only dropped two stitches but then I was left searching high and low for more # 8's. I found about six or seven # 7's! Could I find another circular #8? NOOOOO!

Let me just say that I have put this sweater aside for a bit.


Blogger vv said...

you know, i feel the same way about Al's sweater. He, like Christopher, has asked about it, and I just can't seem to muster the energy to knit it. Then there is Kristin's whole sweater curse thing.

Also, on the needle kit thing, I had problems with my bamboo sister kit cord. these kits are suppose to be convenient, not a pain in the ass.

11:26 AM


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