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Monday, October 24, 2005


vv, you are just too good to me! that's a great website. last night, right after i posted here i put a bid on ebay for a louet s10 wheel. i'm winning at the moment, but there are still 6 days left. joe has agreed to a $220 budget for a wheel, but the lout s10 on the website you sent wasn't much over that, so perhaps i can spend a little more if my ebay efforts don't pan out... from the webites, this wheel seems plenty good enough, am i not considering something that i should?

on the knitting front, joe and i were on the same bus home tonight which is quite unusualy, he usually goes home an hour before me. the onlt knitting i had with me was the scarf for his birthday, and since i've knit quite a bit of it already right in front of him, i pulled it out and started working on it on the bus. but this time he actually asked what i was working on! i went ahead and told him it was his bday present and he just smiled. i'm not worried, becuase it's ribbed, so it's totally curled up on itself. i think that it'll look different enough once it's blocked that he'll be just enough surprised.

bev, haven't heard from you in a couple of days, what's going on in raleigh? why aren't y'all meeting at julie's again for a while, just busy with holiday plans?


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