Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Monday, October 31, 2005

vv, horns could totally work for hallowig! and you know alpaca is my favorite fiber (that i can actually afford)! i say we should be all over than in april.

i just started planning my christmas knitting tonight. joe is going to get a hat in a lighter gray to compliment the charcoal scarf that i've been working on for what feels like 2 years for his birthday. my sister is going to get a hooded scarf. and that is as far as i've gotten with the planning. i think someone might get mittens, because that's something i haven't made yet that i want to. but i'm worried about them being like the socks. the first one was reasonably fun, but the 2nd one probably won't get done for another year. have y'all seen the "bloom" pattern in this issue of knitty? i'm thinking about that for my mother or my mother-in-law (but obviously not in that awful rainbow color).

i downloaded the pattern...

don't bother with buying the kit, i've read on some sites that the pattern can be a bit on the complicated side, i haven't experienced any of that yet, but i know online there is another pattern that is suppose to be simpler.

mims, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you know, i was scoping out the web and there is an alpaca festival in april around tacoma. just to let you know to keep that in you calendar. you know, if you need any help, just call or blog.

so i wanted to wear my hallowig to work for my costume, and with minutes to go before i had to go to work today, i finished seaming it up, only to discovered i'd messed up and instead of looking like a wig, i have these horn things on the front and back of the wig. oh well, that sucks.

I suppose "girlfriend" is an alias and VV - oh the sweet monkey!

Mims, I am so happy for you on your new spinning wheel purchase! Be sure to post a picture of yourself with it when you get it. VV, I googled for the monkey and found a free pattern but also found the Sirdar site where you can purchase a kit. Did you print a free pattern or purchase a pattern? I am going to try and make one. I probably have some perfect yarn around somewhere. He is so, so cute. Of course it would be a great present for Christopher for Christmas but I don't know if I could get to it in time. I'd still like to make the Knit & Tonic shortist shrug/cardigan that you shared with me - not for myself but for one of the girls. I've decided that I have a love-hate relationship with Knit and Tonic. I get so disgusted at her bragging sometimes but I can't keep myself away. Her's is the first blog I go to each day. My other favorite if Crazy Aunt Purl. She is hilarious.

Well, I worked mainly on Christopher's pullover/hoodie this weekend and a bit on a shawl (just to break the monotony of damn stockinette stitch!). I couldn't put the pullover down because he kept talking about it and he wanted to take it and show it to Nicole and to my father. I'd better get the darn thing finished! I never thought of myself as a particularly slow knitter but I'm beginning to think that I'm slower than I thought or maybe it's just htat I'm so easily distracted. Okay, I'm off to do some work. Beep back girls!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


i was reading knit and tonic for the first time yesterday. is that poor child's name actually "girlfriend?" (it was capitalized.)

i did it.

i just bought a spinning wheel, a louet s10. it is beautiful.i cannot wait for it to get here so i can start spinning. i even went for the extra $25 for priority shipping, so it should be here in 2 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks. in the meanwhile, i will be busy ready spin off and the ashford book of spinning the fabulous vv sent me! i finished spinning all the fiber i bought in canby last night. it only made 2 skeins. i'll have to block it so i can post a pic! hope all is well with y'all. i'm off to sit infront of the tv for the next 3 hours. (i only watch 4 hours of television a week, and three of them are on sunday night- west wing, desperate housewives-- which i'm about to give up on, the season is no where near as good as last season was-- and gray's anatomy-- which is my new favorite show.)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Knit and Tonic does have a housekeeper

I remember reading that too, and that she spends 'girlfriend's' nap time as the time she blogs. i know, she seems to whip things up overnight. but i still like her (even as i tear out the neck of 'my sweater of my own design' for the upteenth time). i like to think if i have access to a rich husband and a housekeeper and a kid who sleeps all day that i too, could have a whole wardrobe of handknitted items at my disposal.

so on to the real world, as i said, i ripped out the neck of 'the sweater' and have started again. i have also started the ITV gorilla (see picture), and i'm working on a schematic of a maternity sweater that could become a regular sweater after the baby is born. i think all of these things will be done in the year 2020, which will be sad because by then no eye doctor will be able to get my sight back to that after working on these projects. (i'm not even going to mention the Rebecca sweater and their german to english to crap directions they give.)

however, working of the ITV gorilla, i've discovered the kickass-ness of blue sky alpaca. i'm thinking that the maternity-not! sweater i have in mine might have to be made of it. i know, i know, what happened to me being the cashmere whore? all of a sudden everything is alpaca this and alpaca that... well, it's not like i wouldn't want to make these sweaters and things in cashmere, put as alpaca is known as the poor woman's cashmere, well i guess that makes me poor. (but the stuff ain't cheap, at one of the yarn stores here, it's $8.50 a hank, although i've seen it on knitpixie.com for a dollar less.)

Damn that "Knit and Tonic" Gal!

Where the hell do you find time to make a vest in 2 days?! Have you read her blog today? She's saying that you could start it on a Monday and have it finished by the weekend. Granted she's also saying "if you don't mind dirty dishes and dirty hair" - but seriously - does she even go to the bathroom? The other day when she mentioned that her 2 year old was having tantrums in the store, etc. I was giddy I tell you! I wanted to yell "Take that you - you - you woman that has waaay to much time on her hands!". My friend Fawn seems to remember reading that she has a housekeeper. I'm thinking that she'd have to have a fulltime nanny in order to get that much knitting done. I want to like her. I really do. She's witty and does put out some cute patterns but she makes it so, so hard to like her!

So, what are you guys doing this weekend?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Yarn on Sale That You Have to Check Out

I know we all have more yarn than we need but I had to share this. I bought some of the Elsebeth Lavoid "Silky Wool" not that long ago that was on sale. I absolutely love this stuff. It's 65% wool and 35% Silk. As you're knitting with it you think that it's a bit rough - feels a bit like Rowan's Summer Tweed but your end product is so, so soft. Anyway, "Loop" has it on sale right now and they're offering Knitters Review subscribees 10% off of all sales through Nov. 2nd. You just enter the code "NEW" during checkout. They have it on sale for $4.90 a skein in a bunch of great colors. It's a DK weight yarn (they're saying 5.50 stitches to the inch on #6 needles) with 192 yds. Just had to share. I've got to have some more. It's another one of those "must haves" for me - in the same boat as Summer Tweed and Calmer.

VV the little doggy sweater is absolutelyl adorable! Mims you'll have to take pictures when you get your wheel! Talk with you two soon. Seems like it's just the three of us blogging these days. I love being able to stay in touch with you and especially just to stay in touch with other knitters that I actually know online.


do you guys know about this? http://www.rockandshopmarket.com/about.html

they go on and on about what happened last year. i don't remember this at all. i think they are on crack, but someone has to go and check it out so i know for sure.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

well, i'm glad everyone is doing well

what a surprise, coming in and checking on the ol' blog and there were two entries. it gave me a chance to wake up this morning. (although, i'm still sleepy, there's not much going on at work right now.)

mims, i sent the package yesterday, so it should be coming your way soon. sorry about the book cover, they didn't make it very well, but the info is primo. i also included the latest spin-off magazine, which has a good article about spinning on wheel.

so i thought i'd include the photos of moby, the chihuahua that the dog sweater was for. isn't he cute. i hope knitty decides to publish the pattern.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hi girls!

Well Mim, sounds like you're going to be spinning like a pro before you know it! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I don't have access to a computer at home (it died and I have no idea when I'll be able to afford another one - needless to say - Alex is having a heart attack) so I normally try to post before I leave on Friday and just couldn't think of anything much to say yesterday - which I know is highly unusual! As for the Wed. night crew. Julie and Andrew have a bunch of stuff going on for the next several weeks. Andrew's brother is engaged and there's something going on along those lines so we just had to have a sort of cut-off date. I'm assuming that we'll resume again after the New Year - whether there or somewhere new. Saw Kristin in the grocery store a few days ago and she told me that she wanted to get with me (and whoever else) and meet somewhere on WEd. nights if possible. I haven't seen or talked to Arati in so long and I miss her. It's been even longer since I've talked to Marcie. I've kept an eye on her N&O blog though. I think that everyone just has so much going on. Julie and Andrew were the only ones that could make it this past weekend to the fiber festival in Asheville and I haven't been able to get up with her to see what she purchased. I spoke with her Friday afternoon and I know she was excited about going. I'm now excited about what she bought!

VV I was showing someone the other night the small hank of cashmere that I got from you one night. It's just a leftover bit but everyone was oohing and aahing over it. I just want to hang it around my neck. No one could believe that somene I knew had actually "spun" it. See how impressive the whole spinning thing is. It's not enough to make a scarf but people have suggested that I use it around the next of a sweater or around the wrists of gloves. Of course I just can't imagine myself making gloves - what with those dreaded double points and all. I may have to break down though. Then again - I just love looking at it and hanging it around my neck. Maybe I'll start a new yarn trend - you just hang hanks around your neck! LOL.

Okay girls - your turn.

Monday, October 24, 2005


vv, you are just too good to me! that's a great website. last night, right after i posted here i put a bid on ebay for a louet s10 wheel. i'm winning at the moment, but there are still 6 days left. joe has agreed to a $220 budget for a wheel, but the lout s10 on the website you sent wasn't much over that, so perhaps i can spend a little more if my ebay efforts don't pan out... from the webites, this wheel seems plenty good enough, am i not considering something that i should?

on the knitting front, joe and i were on the same bus home tonight which is quite unusualy, he usually goes home an hour before me. the onlt knitting i had with me was the scarf for his birthday, and since i've knit quite a bit of it already right in front of him, i pulled it out and started working on it on the bus. but this time he actually asked what i was working on! i went ahead and told him it was his bday present and he just smiled. i'm not worried, becuase it's ribbed, so it's totally curled up on itself. i think that it'll look different enough once it's blocked that he'll be just enough surprised.

bev, haven't heard from you in a couple of days, what's going on in raleigh? why aren't y'all meeting at julie's again for a while, just busy with holiday plans?

is this near you mims?


this is for new wheels, but the free lesson may be worth some of the money you will spend on the wheel.

just know though, if you get a new wheel, you will have to finish it with some kind of wood finish, which could be cool, because it can be any color you want it to be, but it's bad because you can't just start and spin when you get it.

i might be able to take the day and show you a thing or two

Sunday, October 23, 2005

still no wheel for me...

i finally got an email back from teh woman on craig's list. the wheel had already been sold. oh well...

i did finally get a library card today and went straight to the knitting section. the choices were a bit slim, but i checked out 2 books that looked like they might have a fun pattern or 2 hidden within. i also hit a new (to me) knitting store. it was really tiny, but quite cute. actually, the space wasn't that small (considerably larger than great yarns) but the yarn was not packed in like it is there. it was really open with several sofas and a few little tables to hang out and knit at. also sold coffee, beer and pastries. if it was in walking distance i'd definitely be there hanging out and knitting. they were playing really good music. they had crap loads of debbie bliss, but i didn't see the infamous calmer (is that debbie bliss?)

vv, your knitting pics are smashing. the dog sweater is entirely too cute. and the sweater of your own design amazes me.

okay, well i'm off to ebay and craig's list in search of another wheel...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

long awaited photos

so i'm finally getting around to posting photos, so first, let's get rid of the guilt...

ta-dah!!!! my neice's bamboo sweater. let me just say that i love the fact that the yarn is made of bamboo, but i was very unhappy about the fact that when i bought the ball of yarn to finish the sweater, it was a different color. i'm not sure you can see it in the photo, but it is definitely a different color. the sweater is mostly an orangy color, but the left side (the one that i had to finish) is a more yellowy shade. i mentioned this to some friends at work and they all said 'Yeah, I can see the color difference.' To which I replied 'That blows.'

Second, I'm working on a dog sweater for my friend Jen at work. Her chihuahua is named Moby, so that is what the 'M' stands for. I'm thinking of submitting the pattern to knitty. What do you guys think? My cat obviously thinks it's a bad idea.

And lastly, I've been working on the Sweater of My Own Design and sewing the sleeves has been a challenge. The only style of sweater that I have managed to sew a great seam is on raglan sweaters. oh well, this will have to do. I'm thinking of knitting a second sweater to maybe improve on some of the details. I'm working on the collar now, so I'll show you a pic when it's all done.

Hi Girls.

Sorry I haven't blogged. Christopher has been sick so I haven't really had a chance. Mims, sounds like you're on your way to joining the spinning crowd! I still haven't caught that bug - thank goodness! I don't have an inch of available space for any more knitting "stuff". I truly could use an entire room strictly for yarn, books, patterns, etc. Sorry to hear about your headache VV. Nothing new on my knitting front. Saw Kristin this weekend and she said she wants to get with me if I go to Helios any Wed. since our "group" is sort of nonexistant for the next couple of months. Hoping that will work out. I miss my knitting friends so much! I talk with you two more than I do the others lately. Oh, forgot to tell everyone that our office is moving over to the new North Hills shopping center on November 18th. We're going to have the two floors right above Moe's. I'm actually excited about it. Definitely ready to get out of downtown with all the new traffic woes. It's a nightmare down here these days.

Finished the back of Alex's cardigan. I know that I've said this before but I feel like I'm knitting like crazy but not actually getting very far. Frustrating.

Gotta run. Hope to talk to everyone soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

single drive

you should try and go to http://www.joyofhandspinning.com/wheel-parts.html

also try and this book
the spinner's companion http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1883010799/002-4052079-9585607?v=glance&n=283155

basically, you don't need a double drive, that just happened to be what mine was. i'm going to mail you a book that is basically the instruction manual for your wheel.

i had a massive headache yesterday, and i still not completely over it today, but i got some knitting done. later today i'll post some pictures.

Monday, October 17, 2005

spinning wheel

that's not a bad price. used spinning wheels don't go down very much in value i guess, so i think that that is why they seem so expensive. that is almost the same wheel that i have i think, (i think its a single drive, and mine is a double drive) with the niddy noddy and the wool, the price is probably about $15 less.

on a different note, i just realized that it is almost halloween and i told myself last year that i was going to knit a hallowig, so that's what i've been doing this weekend. i'll post a pic of it when i get done.

no wheel for me yet...

my max bid was 100. it sold for 102.50. so i was just on craigslist and there is one listing for a spinning wheel.
that seems REALLY high a price for a used wheel. vv, or anyone else who might know, what do you think?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

i just put a bid on a spinning wheel on ebay.

it's got a day and a half left in the auction, and i assume my bid won't be enough, but we'll see...
the yarn in the barn thing today wasn't that cool. just some mis-dyed stuff on sale in the corner of this antique shop that was infront of a big red barn. but it was in a town named scapposse, which i have discovered that i really enjoy saying outloud. i bought 30 bucks of roving (50% merino, 50% tencile). it doesn't seem like that much fiber so i shudder to think what it cost not on sale. on the way back to portland (it was about 1/2 hour away) we stopped at sauvie island, and island in the middle of the columbia river that is so big parts of it are in 2 different county. we stopped at a huge farm for pumpkins, corn and frozen blueberries. some of the blueberries went into a cobbler tonight and there were great.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank you Mims and VV

VV you're right about Christmas gifts. I'm sure they'd prefer money. I guess I'm stick stuck on wanting them to have a bunch of things - even if they're little things. Mims, thanks for your comment about Nicole and a gift for her.

It's so odd not to be with everyone. You know that last night was the last knit nite at Julie's for while - at least until after the new year. And I couldn't make it last night damnit. They have a lot of things going on between now and New Years so we'll hopefully still be able to meet periodically at other locations - as yet to be determined. Mims are you going to try and come to Maryland too in May? Hopefully we'll all finally be able to get back together then.

Finally got some more size 8 needles and got started back on Christopher's hoodie. I've got bags with projects in them all over the place. By the time Christmas gets here I probably won't be able to find my way to bed through all the yarn, projects and gifts. Of course I forgot that I will have to hide the gifts - maybe under yarn?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


bev, julie has the denise needles. ask her to borrow a pair for what ever project you're working on. it's sizes 5-15.

vv, i wound the yarn into a skien using my arm, but it is twisting in on itself. did i spin it wrong?

bev, i totally understand the need to get her something for her birthday, but remember that it doesn't have to be something big or expensive. the best gift i ever got from my mother (who is a person that doesn't flinch at $200 gifts) is a scrapbook of family photos. going back before i was born. of course, making that would seriously cut into knitting time...

love the pic of al with the crabs.

i'm still spinning and knitting the damn scarf. i taught my friend lisa (lisa russo, not lisa libby who i went to the fiber festival with) to knit on monday. libby and i are going to some hang-out0and-knit-event on a farm or something like that on saturday. i'm not sure what the deal with that really is, but i 'll let you know when we get back.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

you all are so silly

i didn't realize the title thing was such a big deal, i usually just write what would be the first sentence i would write for the blog entry. you guys could probably just skip the title all together if you wanted to.

but i do know what you mean about gift panic time. i had to put aside the knitting that i really want to be working on to knit the things i should have given out as presents 4 months ago.

beverly, your girls are getting older now, they will appreciate the fact that you are a kick ass mom, so i wouldn't worry about christmas presents now. and really, when i was a kid (and now also), money is good. and it doesn't have to be alot. to make it look better, you could also give them the ol' savings bond. (truly a horrible gift in your kids eyes, but in 20 years, they will thank you for it.)

mims, you need to wind the yarn from the drop spindle into a skein. if you don't have a knitty knotty, i would use your hand and elbow.
i can do some research about where you can get a spinning wheel in portland, but if you come up for a visit, i can take you to a place here that sells them.

about the photo? i just thought you guys would get a kick out of the dungeness crab festival al and i went to. he *caught* those crabs (if you consider hundreds of crabs being thrown in a dumpster-sized tank and a fishing line contraption that snares the crabs by the legs "catching")

It's Oct. and I'm Officially In Panic/Overdrive/Holiday Mode!

Mim's, I'm with you on the "title" problem. You want to have a catchy title but you spend more time thinking about that than you do about what you're going to actually say in the post. Please keep me posted on how you like the Denise needles. I've really been wanting to get them but I want some up close and personal reviews.

Okay, in Oct. I have Nicole's birthday and the Fair. That's bad because I've got to shell out money to everyone for the Fair, in addition to thinking of what to get Nicole for her birthday. I know, I know. Some of you are saying "why do you have to get her anything? You raise her son". But I also know that you realize how sentimental a time a child's "birth" day is so I have to get something. Then there's Halloween and costumes to think about and Fall Festivals. Then we're into November. If you're putting any toys on layaway at K-Mart of WalMart then you need to start that in October or November at the latest. Of course I probably won't do this because the thought of going to either place and standing in a layaway line is more than I can bear. November used to be my ex-husband's birthday. Ha! Used to be. That's funny. I guess it still lis his birthday but since I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!, I can mark that one off my calendar! Of course the girls will think about it and feel sad and then I'll feel bad for them and then I'll feel guilty that I gave them such a crappy Dad in the first place, and so on and so on in the guilt department. November is also the time to panic about knitted gifts . I mean, in November you've barely got a month to finish the gifts - or in my case - get the gifts started. Then there's Thanksgiving. I'm assuming that you get the picture by now. Oh and darn it! Today's my boss's birthday and I left his small chocolate cake in the fridge at home!

I'm thinking that I need a week off and I need to stay in a hotel room the entire time and do nothing but knit. Guess I'd have to have my food brought it so that I wouldn't have to take time away from knitting. Better yet, I could just bring bread and water with me.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

i hate having to think of a title, nothing ever feels punchy enough...

i broke down and bought the set of interchangable circular needles at yarn garden when i was out running errands today. i've been knitting away on the scarf for joe, which feels like i will never be close to finishing. i got some more yarn for the stupid blanket i'm crocheting and worked on that a little. and i've been doing a bit of spinning. so now my drop spindle is full. vv or marcy, or any one else out there who knows-- what the hell do i do now? and joe has offered to buy me a spinning wheel for our anniversary this week. i'm tempted, but it's a ton of money, and i don't even know where to find one here, and if i run in to problems, i have no one in town who can set me straight. anyone have any thoughts/advice on the situation?

Thursday, October 06, 2005


So this is what your international membership to rowan gets you. the kit comes in a few colors, i picked black because i'm boring that way, but i thought i'd knit it up and give it as a christmas present, and who could hate a black scarf.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the best feeling in the world

coming home to TWO packages of yarn. I bought some yarn from knitpicks for a chihuahua sweater (the alpaca silk) and my rowan membership. The Rowan people are kind of a pain in the ass, but the project this time uses kidsilk haze. It was worth it just for the kit, let alone they mail me the magazine.

So in projects I should finish ... the sweater of my own design is coming along swimmingly. I can't believe it. With little stress (and a little 'going back') i think it will work. however, i may run in to some problems with the neck.

The knitter's handy book of sweater patterns isn't much to look at, but it is quite useful. I'm going to use it to help with the dog sweater.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feeling like an Idiot! Is this sweater not meant be?

I've been working on Christopher's sweater/hoodie off and on for a while. He's even asked me about it. Okay - this is what I did: I bound off the back of pullover/hoodie. Had the correct 16 inches. I had just been telling Julie that this was a slower knit becuase of the smaller needles (looked like 6 or 7's) and that Alex's cardigan (out of Rowan Cork) was moving so much faster (size 11 needles - duh!). Anyway, I was ready to start on the front of Christopher's sweater and was going to start on the ribbing at the bottom (which, by the way, I changed to seed stitch) when I started looking at my needles. It called for 5's for the bottom ribbing and 7's for the body of the sweater. Okay. Here it goes. I HAD KNITTED THE ENTIRE BACK IN SIZE 5 NEEDLES! What planet have I been knitting on?! I'm thinking that maybe I started with the intention of knitting the ribbing/seed with 5's and was meaning to change to 8's or maybe 7's. I can't figure out why I would have used different needles than called for at all because my yarn knitted to gauge and I had the right size needles handy. Anyway, I ripped the whole back out. The odd thing is that I wasn't even that upset at the time. I just saw it as more fun time to knit (not worrying, obviously, about the 6-8 other projects that i'm in the midst of). Anyway, this time I started the ribbing (actually seed stitch) with size 6's and changed to 8's for the body. It's going to be a bit bigger of course than the original but I actually wanted it bigger. AND - it's suddenly become a much quicker knit! Just makes me worry about myself that I went for that long and didn't even notice.

It gets worse (crazier?). Last night I'm knitting away - using the # 8's circular Bryspun's that I waited for for so long. The join broke! Just broke right off. I only dropped two stitches but then I was left searching high and low for more # 8's. I found about six or seven # 7's! Could I find another circular #8? NOOOOO!

Let me just say that I have put this sweater aside for a bit.

Monday, October 03, 2005

now the leave are gone

so i can see straight into the building across the street because all the leaves have fallen from the tree outside. well at least i'm working the late shift and it is a beautiful fall day in seattle. (let's just forget that it rained non stop through the weekend and was cold to boot.)

anyway, the rain this weekend was perfect for sitting on my ass and knitting, so i'm pretty far along with the sweater of my own design and so far, so good. i have had to make a few changes, but it hasn't been too bad. i post pictures soon.

okay, i should do some work, i'll blog soon.