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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Where Have All the Knitters Gone?

...long time passing? Okay, so it's actually "where have all the flowers gone?" and it's before most of you were probably still in kindergarten when that song was playing. Anyway! I can't say that I have anything exciting to say about knitting or anything else but that's not the point gosh darnit! We're supposed to be keeping in touch with this thing. I have been squeezing in knitting every minute I get. Problem with that is that my body actually expects me to get some sleep! I may have found the answer to my staying awake problem though. And it tastes good too! A friend of mine, who is a bonafide coffee addict handed me, last night, a half a bar of "Scharfeen Berger" Dark Chocolate Mocha Bar. It's "freshly roasted coffee in 62% chocolate". I'm telling you - this stuff has some kick. Actually you taste more coffee than you do chocolate but it's so good. The way my friend passed it too me - sort of "under the table" you'd have thought that she was passing me illegal contraband. It's really good though!

Okay, I've now picked up the stitches twice on the edge of the Sursa shawl and I've now taken it out twice! The first time it actually went beautifully until I decided that using double strands of the Misti Alpaca worsted was just a big too thick. So, I took it out and started back with the single strand. I just didn't do a very good job of picking up in that case. It looked horrible! Now I've got to try for a third time. I just don't see how anyone every wants to anything with stitches that have to be picked up. Let me just say that it was a horrible experience!


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