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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sweater curse

VV, how is the Al sweater going? The other day, I heard a column on NPR about the sweater curse. You know, how you always break up with a guy before you finish knitting his sweater. Well, this columnist said the curse extends even to married couples. She and her husband ended up getting divorced before she finished his sweater. Since you've already started it, I think you better hurry up and finish it before the curse kicks in. I'm going to use this as my excuse never to knit one for Todd.

Beverly, where have you been? We're all wondering about you. You missed Amelia's first knit nite.


Blogger Beverly said...

I've been posting and I filled Julie in each time I couldn't come - other than this past Wed. of course and I didn't get to talk to her about that night until after the fact. She didn't tell me that you'd brought Amelia! She probably didn't want to hear me screaming "Noooooooo". It's all the Nicole/Jefferson thing of course. Nicole normally tries to always have Wed. nights off but she's needed to work the last couple of Wed. nights because she needed the money to make her car payment and one (or was there another Wed.?) of hte WEd. she just "forgot" that I needed her. I mean, how could she forget? It's only the most important night of hte week to me and I only ask for that one damn night! Okay, don't get me started. I miss all of you terribly. I'll definitely be there this Wed. night. Any chance you could bring Amelia by again?

9:27 AM

Blogger vv said...

Now I don't know what to do. I'm thinking about ripping it out and start all over again. Does that mean I should just rip it out and it will be like I never knitted the sweater, or must I finish it because I did actually put stitches to make a sweater for al.

2:02 PM


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