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Friday, September 02, 2005

Sleeve extensions

I finished lengthening Ross' sleeves on that new placket-neck sweater. (Remember, I was disappointed that they were barely long enough for Ross now and would probably not be long enough next year.)

I picked up stitches at the end of the sleeve cuff, which is in seed stitch, and knit 10 more rows in seed stitch, extending the sleeves by more than an inch. After I steamed the sweater, I could barely notice that something was slightly different in the cuff. Andy didn't see it at all. And now it fits great! I'm very pleased!

Now I need to return to my orange "hourglass" sweater. I have to knit the sleeves, add them to the body (which I've already done) and continue. I hope it will soon be sweater weather, though today we seem to be far away from fall.


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