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Friday, September 16, 2005

Okay, figure I've gotta post something

I mean, it seems pointless to have this blog if we're never gonna blog. So, I admit, I don't have anything great to share and I'm sort of swamped here at work but I'm gonna get in just a bit before I leave today. Computer at home is still dead so I can't blog or read, etc. at home. Needless to say, it's about to kill Alex. We basically need a new computer. This one was old we've just had it since February. This was the first time that Alex has actually had a computer to use so she became pretty obsessed with using it. Now she's going through withdrawal but I think she's past the worst part now. No more sweats and jitters!

Okay, I placed one small order yesterday - for two patterns. Here are the links (hope they work): http://store.purlsoho.com/product_detail.php?type=patterns&id=594 and http://store.purlsoho.com/product_detail.php?type=patterns&id=859

Also, I joined Netflix yesterday. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail to get it free for one month. She's had it for a while now and loves it. It always helps to know someone who has actually used a service. Didn't want to sign up for it if not. YOu remember my Cingular Wireless fiasco! This is great though because you can cancel anytime, on the spot. We're supposed to be getting "Hostage" and "Raising Helen" tomorrow or MOnday. After that we'll get "Man of the House" and "The Heffalump Movie". It's just fun picking out your list.

Anyway, don't know if I'll have Jefferson or a "Jefferson-member-of-the-family to watch Christopher on Sunday but I'm hoping and praying. I need my Sunday at Starbucks and all places inbetween.

So missed seeing you guys Wed. night!


Blogger Kristin said...

Beverly, we use Netflix and love it. They really help you find great movies that fit your taste. So much better than walking cluelessly around Blockbuster (AKA Video Hell) at 9 p.m. We've watched a lot of good movies since getting it.

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