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Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with yet another shawl!

I know - it's getting ridiculous. But, you just have to see this. It's called "Carnival" and it's in the new Rowan Classic Holiday Spring Summer 2005 pattern book. It calls for 12 skeins of Cashsoft DK Tape. I actually didn't know that Cashsoft came in a "tape" form. I'm serious, it just took my breath away.

On top of this, I just swung by Great Yarns yesterday (and I do mean swung by - it was 5:50) and ran in for the last few minutes. They have in Classic Elite Miracle! It's the yarn that I purchased when I was in Charlotte last year and used for a shawl. It's silk and something else but it's the most wonderful yarn. To make it doubly enticing for me they had two of the most gorgeous colors - a sort of denim blue and this exquisite sort of pumpkin coppery color. 109 yds at $7.95. I want it so badly but I just can't buy any more yarn without a very specific pattern in mind. Think, think, think!

Okay, it's someone else's turn out there. I've got to get back to work. Just took a little break to write to you all.

Kristin! Pictures!


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