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Thursday, September 08, 2005

more from portland...

so here is bear cuddling with wimi. he was unbelievable well-behaved with her. he let me pose them together for a good two minutes before he decided to retreat to a corner of the back yard to get away from the camera's flash.

the house is coming along. the breakfast nook, dining room and one of the guest rooms have been painted. perhaps pictures of them will come later. our painting jobs are never the neatest, but i'm really happy with all the colors.
the bus is really the only time i'm knitting, there's just too much to be done in a new house in a new city. i've been to the local yarn store once, and all i bought were 2 sets of circular needles (size 2) becuase the double pointed ones were driving me insane on the socks. one of the cool things there was that they give you a punch card and after you spend 250 bucks you get a 25 dollar gift certificate. joe said 250 was a lot to spend, but i know i'll spend that much eventually, so i think it's pretty darn nice of them. and if you sign up for their mailing list you get a coupon for 10 or 20% off (i can't remember which) a purchase for your birthday.
i discovered a couple nights ago that i lost the pattern for the shawl i started on the cross country drive. i'm not too upset, becuase i think the needles i was using were too big anyway and i was not happy with how it was looking after 2 (small) ball of yarn were done.


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