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Sunday, September 18, 2005

i've been cheating...

...on my knitting. so back in raleigh i had yarn stashed in several different places in our house. when we moved here my sister, the organizer, helped us unpack. all my yarn in one place now, which makes it slightly more embarassing. especially the crappy yarn. so i decided to get rid of the lion's brand by crocheting a blanket. i just don't like the yarn enough to spend the time knitting it would require. of course, the really annoying thing that i didn't think about until after i had finished the 1st skien is that i don't have enough of this yarn to make the blanket the size i want it. so i'll probably end up buying atleast 2 more skiens of it...

but the good news is that i will be able to buy more yarn at the festival next weekend with vv without guilt, because i feel so proud of myself for using up this yarn i don't really like! vv, have you figured out if you can come down friday night yet?


Blogger vv said...

i'm about 90% sure i'll leave friday night. al and i are suppose to meet a friend for dinner saturday night, so i'll have to leave the festival by 3p.m. if we go there at 9 a.m., 6 hours should be enough i think.

9:32 AM

Blogger mims said...

woo hoo!

11:45 PM

Blogger Beverly said...

Okay, gals, we expect a complete written report upon your return. Have fun!

8:24 AM


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