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Sunday, September 25, 2005

the fiber festival...

...was amazing. vv, sorry i didn't call you from it, i forgot to bring my phone. i roped my friend lisa into going with me and we had a grand time. it was 2 buildings at the canby fair grounds with a few more vendors outside. i want a spinning wheel now. but instead i bought a $4 drop spindle and am currently making a mess of what was the loveliest bag of fleece. (it's like the color of my hair, but darker, with little flecks of yellow or green every now and then.) i bought a lot of alpaca yarn. (almost 2000 yards, 2 skeins that are dark brown and light brown plied together and one skien of charcoal.) and i also got 2 skeins of this really thick varigated yarn that is shades of light green-gray. i've never seen anything like it and i couldn't resist. that yard stick i set for my purchases was whether or not i simply could not live without it. much mohair was almost purchased, but i don't really like working with it (it's so damn sticky) so i resisted. there were also sheep and llamas. the llamas were ridiculously cute. i took some pics, but with my film camera becuase i have no idea what happened to the digital camera's charger in the move. the battery was completely dead. that was a bummer. but anyway, there will be pictures at some later date.

knitting-wise, i'm not getting much accomplished, other than frogging. i started the sweater from innerweave magazine tonight in the new brown alpaca and frogged it twice after a couple of rows. earlier this week i frogged the shawl i started on the cross country drive and started a new shawl of my own design. never mind that i've never knitted a shawl before... it's just stockingknit with the first and last 2 stitches in garter seperated from the rest by yarn overs. a few rows in i tried to add another set of yarn overs in the middle, and that wasn't working out, so i frogged a few rows and am now k1fb in the middle. and last weekend i frogged a shawl that i had started from an online pattern. the yarn i was using was way too different from the one the pattern called for and it just wasnt' looking right. the eyelets weren't showing up at all.

the good news is that lisa and i are going to try to start our own little knit-night on tuesdays. she's knit 1/2 a scarf last year when she was layed up after a car accident, and i think that's all she's ever done. so when we get stumped we'll be kinda screwed with no one like y'all to answer our questions, but it'll be fun.


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