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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Curse of the Knitting Addiction!

Will it never end?! Do I actually want it to end?! Okay - I have a daycare evening event that I have to go to tonight at Christopher's daycare. They're serving hot dogs and we're re-meeting the teachers, etc. First of all I'm having to give up my once a month book group meeting for this. They didn't bother to let us know about it until Friday evening when we were picking our kids up. Okay - here's where the addictin part comes in. I didn't bring any knitting with me for the sitting-around-and-listening-to-the-director-talk part. What was I thinking when I left the house this morning?! Then I started thinking - heck, I could run past hte yarn store before the event and pick up something things for a "small" project. That would mean I'd have to buy overpriced needles and some yarn and a pattern (or I could find a free pattern on the net). How damn pathetic is that?! I have enough yarn and needles and projects at home to last me for years. Let me say that I'm not going to do this. But I actually did think about it. I just can't bear to sit anywhere and listen to someone talk without having my knitting in my hands.

Okay, I've vented and confessed now. I don't feel better but I do realize that I need to get home and stay up too late, as usual, so that I can knit. And ooh - "Medium" comes on tonight - a new episode! I'm so excited. Love Patricia Arquette and she won an Emmy last night! Okay, I'm off to get some work done and then on to a fun-filled evening of nodding and smiling at other parents. Luckily Julie will be there tonight but if she brings knitting with her I'm going to be really jealous!


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