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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The "You Knit What?!" Blog. Gotta check it out.

Well, I met a semi-celebrity blogger last night when I stopped by Helio's. She's a gal whose blog I just started reading and - how embarrassing was this? - I was telling her about something great on a blog I had read that day and it was her blog?! Of course I guess that was a compliment to her. Anyway, she told us about this hilarious blog and I can't believe I've never run across it. It's: http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/ You've got to go and check it out.

Oh, the gal I met is at http://saunshine.blogspot.com/ Really enjoyed meeting her.

Also heard about a quilt store in Wake Forest that has started selling yarn. Fawn said that she had picked up three skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca/Silk for $3.00 a skein! Of course she got the last three skeins but still - I've got to check this place out - as soon as I can get the name of the store. Maybe next week, when I'm off, I can drive out there. Funny, but even though I lived for a while in Wake Forest, the thought of driving there is like the thought of driving to Florida. It just seems so far away. I've gotten spoiled over the last few years of having virtually everything I want fairly close by. Hell, I still haven't been to South Point Mall!

Anyway, go check out the blogs!


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