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Monday, August 22, 2005

Vacation is over - Knit Night returns on 8/31

We returned from the second-longest trip we've ever made via car with our children. The first longest was at the START of our vacation. We're glad to be home even if it means we're back at work. Vacation was great but we may run the numbers on train travel next time.

I have good new and bad news for KnitWits:
Good news - I'm cleaning out my stash. There will be giveaway yarn for those brave enough to take it at the next KnitNight.

Bad news - The next KnitNight is August 31. We are taking Andy Snee and Alex Reynolds to see Green Day at the RBC Center this Wednesday, 8/24. You might be thinking - isn't that the night before Andy starts back to school? The night where he meets his teacher, sees his classroom, etc? Well, yes it is. We will be performing a speed "meet-the-teacher" night on our way to the concert. If I didn't actually like Green Day, their presence in Raleigh on a Wednesday night would have sealed the deal to skip it.

I'll be back soon with more chatter. Work has the audacity to pile up things to await my return! Wanted to deliver the good news/bad news before it got any later. . .


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