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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

URGENT ALERT FOR VV (and then a little something for marcy)

i am very dissappointed to find out that the yarn harlot was in portland tonight. couldn't she have waited a couple of weeks until i would be there too? the urgent alert for veronica is that the harlot will be in seattle tomorrow (thursday) at Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park location) at 3:00pm. can you take your lunch then? should be a great place to meet knitters...

now for marcy... fear not, even though you left wimi behind at julie's tonight, i took her home and have showed her a most excellent time. i imagine that even the harlot's sock would be jealous of all the fun wimi has had tonight. i wish i had a clue about how to post photos onto this blog because i have very cute pics of wimi helping joe plan our cross country trip, hanging out with a small fraction of my stash and bonding with bear. (**announcement-- no animals or bikin-clad yarn girls were harmed in the creation of these photos**) also, just to warn you marcy, she may be begging you for an apple g4 titanium laptop when y'all are reunited tomorrow.


Blogger vv said...

the harlot will also be at weaving works this weekend. you should try and get your butt over here. i got to see her in maryland

11:31 AM

Blogger Beverly said...

Okay, Mims. YOu got to let us see the pics of Wimi!

1:39 PM

Blogger Kristin said...

Can I just say that I am so over the Harlot. She was great when she was just a regular knitter with a blog. But this celebrity thing is getting old. All the posts about the readings and the new cities? Boring. And the sock? Oh my Lord am I sick of the traveling sock. And all the do-gooder causes? Sigh. I just want to see good knitting, get knitting tips and read a little witty commentary to go along. I wouldn't go around the corner to see her anymore. She's like Clay Aiken now.

2:11 PM

Blogger Beverly said...

I have to say that I am partly in agreement with Kristin in being "over" the Yarn Harlot. I think the causes are great but she goes on and on about them and it drives me crazy. It's just no fun reading her any more. I've switched my infatuation over to to knit and tonic (Kristin didn't you say that you'd checked her blog out?). Her pictures are great and sometimes hilarious. I just want the Harlot to go back to talking about knitting and her family. I was laughing then but I"m not laughing now.

9:57 AM


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