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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Holy cow, what was that? Only you guys can post on the blog itself, i can limit the comments to just us, but I just thought some other knitters in cyberspace could have some tips/suggestions for us.

The nice thing is you can delete the comment pretty easily. Let me know what you guys think about limiting comments.

I hope you all had fun knitting last night. I went to a concert with a friend from work and it was amazing. I think you all need to check out Lizz Wright. I bought her two CDs, and they're good, but seeing her live was just phenomenal. And the venue was cool. Think 'Fame' auditorium. Apparently you could reserve a table up front near the stage and order dinner before the concert and anyone could order a drink during the concert. Really great feel, and there was no air conditioning, but it was a cool night, so they just opened all the windows (those giant ones, that open out to a fire escape). I think you need to listen to Lizz out on Julie's front porch during knit night.

On a knitting note, I think I'm going to try the sweater on Last Minute Gifts. I have to go to Weaving Works to get more bamboo yarn, but I'm almost down with the baby sweater. Too bad Al isn't baby-sized. I would have finished his sweater ages ago.

On the baby note, how's Kristin and the little one doing? Any word?


Blogger Beverly said...

VVm do you have the Knitted Gifts sweater pattern? If not, let me know and I can pdf it to you or fax it - whatever works. I'll be off next week so I won't really have access to copying so if you get back to me before 4:30 today I can take care of it because I brought it with me.

8:41 AM


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