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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sorry Mims

I checked out the admin settings and the little box wasn't checked for you for some reason. I think this means you will be able to post.

From Mims....

we're in kansas right now. i gave my mother-in-law the purple wrap tonight and she loved it. i've been working on a shawl on the drive. it only increases a single stitch each row. is this normal? i feel like it'll be 7 feet long before it's wide enough. and the pattern called for size 13 needles, but i'm using size 15 cuz that's what i had. i didn't think it'd be a big deal because the yarn is so bulky, but the eyelets aren't showing up well at all. i'm hoping that blocking will fix that, but i don't have any idea. might start knitting socks tomorrow and wait to continue on the shawl till i hear any feedback about whether or not i'm an idiot for using different size needles.

arati, that tank is so cute, it looks great on you. and vv, who's the hat for, was the "r" done with intartia? (i have no idea how to spell or do that.)

and can anyone tell me how to post pics on this thing? i miss you all!



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