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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Over it

I'm not going to talk about the b.a.b.y. I am so over this whole pregnancy and childbirth thing. It is just boring to me now. I'm never going to think or speak about it again.

But I did think you all should know that I finished the cashmere mittens and gave them to my mother. One thumb is definitely longer than the other, but she swears they both fit perfectly. I think she's lying, but that's her problem. I also picked up the 102 stitches along the back of the bolero last night, in the dark, at Third Place. So almost all the evil stitch picking up is done, and the end of the bolero is in sight. I had a dream last night that it didn't fit. But, hopefully, it was just a dream.

I wish I was sitting on a deck somewhere where there is no humidity, drinking a bottomless gin and tonic, knitting a tank top sized for a svelte figure--and that I actually had some hope of fitting into it.


Blogger Beverly said...

Oh sweetie. You will be able to fit into a svelte tank top! Don't you remember that I always told you what a great figure you had. You'll have it back. I can tell these things. Hell, in my book, just the fact that you tan so damn well sets you for life. Wow. Picking up 102 stitches in the dark. Of cousre I'd be just as impressed if you'd picked them up in the light!

See, notice I didn't say a word about - oops - nothing. Oh, remember that if you lounging around next week I can always lounge around with you. I want to go and check out that store in Wake Forest. i don't even care if they're not that great. I just get a thrill out of walkign into someplace other than Great Yarns and Shuttles.

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