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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Okay, I gave the wrong link for the dinosaur!

I'm so sorry. I told you I wasn't that good at this. Here it is: http://www.xtreme-knitting.com/blog/ Then go to "my free patterns". Sorry about that. Bet you were all so excited - thinking of making the dinosaur - wanting to start on it the second you saw it - but nooooo - Beverly gave the wrong link!

Okay, here is another darn Phildar pattern. Why are they always so cute? I've tried reading one and didn't think it was easy. Anyway.

Okay so another patter. Go to this pattern and check the picture out. I love it. It's just so - I don't know - so ugly it's cute? I think the hat is so damn cute! Check this out:

Okay, I'll leave you all alone now. Gotta get to swim practice with Christopher and Julie and David. It's the last day. Yes!!!


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