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Monday, August 15, 2005

New needles

I went over to Great Yarns (is it still called that? I forgot to check) to get some size 7 dpns for the sleeves of Ross' placket-neck sweater. I used some aluminum ones someone had given me to do the newborn sweater sleeves, but they drove me crazy! Aluminum is way too slippery. Plus, the needles made a lot of noise. So I wanted some bamboo needles.

Instead, I got some rather pricey ($12.95) birch needles because they were the only choice. They're handmade by a couple in Pittsboro, N.C., of sustainable local wood, or something. They're light and smooth (but not slippery), and they're nice to use.

So, onto the sleeves!


Blogger Beverly said...

Well, just knowing that they're made locally kind of makes the price more bearable. There's just something about working with handmade needles like that, that gives you a sort of calm feeling. At least for me. Looks like I might check Carol's next week and see if she has some a bit cheaper though.

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