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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina...

So ESPN is doing this tour of America called 50 states in 50 days and I was longingly watching the North Carolina one. Most of it took place at the Durham Bulls and although it looked hot, I got weeping thinking of you guys, how I got married within walking distance of the ballpark and missing some barbecue. (Not that I was really crazy about Eastern Carolina 'cue, but I remembered going to Whitley's when we went to Murfreesboro)

Anyway, the heat wave sort of hit Seattle too. Al and I went camping with some people from work and the themometer said it was 97 degrees. But the whole 'it's a dry heat' thing is totally true. It felt like the mid 80s in comparison to 97 in North Carolina or Florida. It cools down at night too, which I know doesn't happen there.

Anyway, to update everyone, the woman bidding on our house fell through and Ann will be moving in starting Sept. 1. Julie, I'll be sending Andy another check, and we'll talk to Ann to see if she would want Andy to still come by and mow for her.

I still haven't been able to do much knitting, but I did go to a lovely knit shop in a trendy neighborhood that you guys must come out and see. When we have our knit vacation, I want to take you there first. Beverly, I believe it's you dream knit shop. There is yarn everywhere, and there was a sale (25-30% off) a lot of yarn and there is this one corner with two small couches that you can relax and knit away. Plus there is a porch out front, no rocking chairs, but you can easily sit on the railings and knit and watch all the trendy hipsters walk by.


Blogger Beverly said...

Ooh baby! No rocking chairs wouldn't stop me. I'd be so thrilled to have a front porch to knit on that I'd just sit right down on the floor! It sounds like a lovely place!

VV, we miss you so. Hopefully you'll be calling tonight.

9:50 AM


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