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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Doing my part

Beverly and VV are really carrying this thing. Figure I need to get on here. Where are Julie, Arati and Mims?? (I guess Mims can be excused, since she's probably driving across country right now.) And someday we've got to get Marcy to post.

Well, you guys never bugged me about the striped baby sweater, but I finished it anyway. So there. I'll bring it on Wednesday. I'm still waiting on my special yarn delivery to finish the bolero. In the meantime, I'm trying to finish my mom's cashmere mittens before baby arrives. One is done and the other is started. See, Beverly, I did just what you told me to do. Knitting mittens on size 7 needles is very rewarding. Goes extremely fast.

On the baby front, I found out yesterday that my annoying little gymnast is head down again and ready to go. So my C-section next Tuesday is off and I'm just waiting to see when she will decide to come out. I hope and pray that it's sometime early next week, because I really do not want to work another week! See you all on Wednesday. I think I will have Todd call Marcy when there is news, because then he can just call the paper. I'll check with her and make sure she can handle the pressure.


Blogger Beverly said...

But Marcy doesn't keep in touch with us so how will we know?! You need to have Todd at least call Julie also. She can e-mail me and I'll blog it, etc. etc.

Can't wait to see the baby sweater. And the mittens. Damn - you're turning into our own little Chicknits/Blue Blog/Fast as Hell knitters. I mean, you're really swinging out the projects! Of course Arati's been finishing up things pretty quickly too. I think my problem is that I just get so darn excited about every new project and then see more things I want to start. I really need to just finish something. Well, I did finish that neverending shrug for my niece that was too narrow so that was a knitting bummer. So happy to hear about the wee one flipping!

7:00 AM

Blogger Kristin said...

Julie is on vacation next week, so she's out of the loop. Marcy has promised to notify you and Julie. You can badger her about it tonight.

10:46 AM


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