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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

baby things

I'm going to miss you guys tonight. Hope you have fun at Third Place.

Nothing much new in the way of knitting. Still putting off Al's sweater. I went to the Mariners' game and started a garter stitch baby sweater with the bamboo yarn that I got when I was first in Seattle. I'm liking the pattern, not alot of picking up stitches, and I think I will have to do a minimal amount of sewing. There was 250 yards of yarn in the ball, so I thought that would be enough to finish the sweater, but it doesn't look like it. I could go back and not make the sleeves so long, but I don't feel much like doing that. The color I got is kind of an orange-y/raspberry thing, so it's kind of girly. It'll probably be for my neice Caitlin. I think I'll get some more, in more of a bluish-green color and maybe in a seed stitch pattern for my nephews.

Again, have fun tonight.


Blogger kevinwarner87589664 said...

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8:20 AM

Blogger Beverly said...

What the heck?! Kevin Warner needs to find a friend. Well, VV I just wanted to say that Arati is working on the placket sweater that's in "Knitted Gifts" and she's on her second one. I could pdf you the pattern tomrrow if you'd like. YOu may already ahve the book though. She said it's really quick and virtually no sewing. She's working on Ross's now and as soon as I get the yarn (she's using Lorna's Laces Sportweight) I'm going to attempt one for Christopher.

We miss you too. I'm off next week so I probably won't be on much although I could post from home. I'm sure I'll talk with you Wed. night though.
Definitely go and get another skein of the yarn for your niece's sweater!

9:25 AM

Blogger Kristin said...

Uh oh. How do we avoid comment spam? Can we change it to only allow comments from those of us authorized to blog? Anyway, sorry you couldn't come, VV. You were definitely invited though. Why did you move to Seattle, again?

11:16 AM


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