Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Beverly, call me

We're hanging out at the hospital, but we accidentally deleted your message and don't have your number. And I can't remember which law firm you work at right now. So call now if you have a minute. I'll have to turn off the phone again when we go back into the nursery.

Oooh! Blue Sky Alpaca has two new patterns!

Okay, I'm loving both of these. Of course the cardigan would be something that, although I love it, I'd never make because it would take me damn forever. They're both at Knipixie.com under the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn section, under patterns.

What with the new baby and all (yep, it's like I'm already considering little Amelia Rose "our's") I'm going crazy looking at baby patterns. There are just so many adorable ones out there!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you tonight. Who's coming by the way? Everyone bringing some "swap" yarn?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm alive

Thanks for the lovely poem, Beverly. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am surviving, though that's about all it is until Amelia can come home. You probably all know, but she was born with pneumonia and is still recovering at the hospital. She is getting better and will be just fine. But the wait to get her home is excruciating. I'm hoping for later this week, although it all depends how fast they can wean her off oxygen. She is the cutest baby in the world (except for all yours, of course), and I am desperate to have her here with me.

For now, I'm spending long days at the hospital. Todd's at work until Amelia comes home. My mom is serving as my taxi service, moral supporter and servant. Amelia is nursing wonderfully and generally being very sweet. All my spare moments are spent pumping, since my breasts are totally out of control. Motherhood so far has been quite an adventure.

Thank you all so much for the meals I hear are on the way. They are much needed and appreciated, since we have no time to do anything but shuttle back and forth to Amelia's bedside. I love you guys and thank you so much for caring about us.

Welcome to the World Baby Girl!

Found this poem and thought it so sweet and appropriate:

At last we meet
Although I've known you forever.
First you were a dream,
Then a fuzzy blur of a sonogram,
And then soft stirrings of butterfly wings.
And then hiccups
And elbows and knees tickling my ribs.
And finally a slippery, beautiful
Lavender turning wiggly pink.
Happy birthday.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Okay, enough with the spam

That's it, I thought I would allow comments from anyone because I thought it would be nice if once in a while someone who reads our little blog might feel the urge to reply to some of the things we were saying, but enough is enough.

So I set up the blog so only we can comment on it. Let me know if anyone has problems with it.

Vacation Week - So sad. Almost at an end.

Well, I haven't talked to Kristin since the day she called me (Wed.). I feel guilty because I had wanted to go by and see her (and Amelia Rose of course!) at the hospital today (Fri.). I had Christopher all day though (daycare closed) so never really got a chance to pass him off to anyone (well yes, there were strangers around but evidently there's a law about leaving your children with complete strangers for a while). I'm so glad that Mim's finally posted and her orange dining room sounds wonderful to me! Can't believe that Arati made Ross's sweater so quickly. I've had the week off and have tried to knit every minute I could but could never have made that entire sweater. Unfortunately Christopher was sick on Mon., Alex sick Mon. and Tues. and then I actually did get Wed. to myself. I'm not complaining because I managed to go into Great Yarns every day - even if it was only for 10 minutes. I made a new friend who also works at a law firm (very close to Great Yarns) so she comes over almost every day just to sit in there and knit. I did find a great yarn in the sale basket. Of course haven't decided what to make with it but that's not the point now is it? I did refrain from purchasing anything else this week though. I tried to really get started on a couple of things and to work on a couple of other things that had been on the needles for a bit. I just really miss seeing you guys! Didn't know how much I'd come to depend on my Wed. fix until I missed two in a row. Feel like I need to go into some sort of rehab center or something. I still want to get the hemp skirt pattern and I've finally started on the shawl from the Cornelia Tuttle Noro pattern book (pattern "Sursa") using one of the yarns I purchased from Brooks Farm. Oh, and I started a sweater for Christopher. Should be really quick - as "quick" as anything can be for me.

Okay, I found a lady working at Great Yarns on Thur. that I - listen up - do not like! I so disliked her that I actually wanted to tell her so when I left. I'm sure it was just a first impression though and I should feel horrible for feeling this way but it was actually disturbing. I'll fill you in later.

I also have to fill you in on Nicole's new job. The disfunction in my life never ends! Just too much fun! Miss you guys.

Eyelet sweater

Arati, Ross is so cute in the sweater. I can't believe he's going to kindergarten this year. It seems like a couple of days ago he was still in diapers to me. But I also have a bad memory.

I hope Kristin is doing okay. Her labor sounded much more than just labor, poor thing. But Amelia Rose is worth it, I'm sure.

So the eyelet sweater. Looking at the photo you are probably thinking, 'That's not going to fit her.' The same thought has crossed my mind too. However, I keep measuring and it works out to Rebecca's measurements. So I guess we'll just see what happens. I've messed up a couple of times, but manage to go back and fix a few things.

I also thought I'd show you guys the view at the paper here, this was taken a few days ago. Today the weather is much nicer.

Ross' sweater is complete

Here's Ross trying on his new placket-neck sweater made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Cool. He is sort of leaning to the left, which may explain why the right sleeve looks a bit short. The sleeve length is OK, though not as long as I'd hoped. I made them longer by a couple of inches than what the pattern called for, but they still could have been a bit longer. Ross has long arms, I guess. I also made the body longer than the pattern said, hoping he could wear it two years, but now I doubt that because of the sleeves. Oh, well. You knit and learn.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blog baby?

I did hear the news about Amelia from Beverly (thank you!), but perhaps Beverly could blog her conversation with Kristin? Or was it not blog-appropriate? Whatever you decide is cool with me, but I'd love to read about it again, especially if you have additional information about Kristin or Amelia.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How about a yarn swap?

I mentioned in my earlier blog (the bad news (no knit night 8/24) good news (yarn giveaway)) that I'm inspired to give my yarn more respect and actually put it away in the many areas that have already been designated for yarn. I told Marcy to be sure to bring swappable yarn next Wednesday and that I would encourage Raleigh-based KnitWits to do the same. In pure Marcy fashion, she added the "great" to this idea.

Anything we can't talk each other into taking home will be donated to the Knitters of Magnolia Glen. Marcy wrote about their charity knitting last December in Notions. I'll insert the text of her article at the end of this blog.

News for anyone who checks this out in the next bit (it's 8:45ish EST 8/23), we are anxiously awaiting the call from Beverly who will deliver to all KnitWits news of Baby Silberman's arrival. Baby's been quietly working on her debut since last evening but word went out today around 11 that they had gone to the hospital for the final details of her delivery.

I'll be back to blog details of the Green Day concert Thursday. For the really curious, here's their website: www.greenday.net They are scheduled to perform Sunday on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Marcy Smith Rice - Gift Offers Warmth, Inside and Out December 25, 2004:

This is a love story. I'll come right out and tell you that in case you were hoping to get tips on turning wrapping paper and ribbons into Valentine's Day cards. So put away the glue gun and pour some cocoa.

Our story starts and ends with a blanket. Lots of blankets, really. They're piled on a table in a sitting room at Magnolia Glen, a retirement community in Raleigh.

Susan Holmes has stopped by to collect blankets for Project Linus, an organization that provides blankets to children in need. Some go to children in the hospital. Some go to children who have lost someone close. Some go to children in other traumatic situations; for instance, after the shooting at Columbine, students wrapped up in Project Linus blankets. The blankets are distributed in the area where they are produced. And there is always a demand.

It is the fifth time this year that Project Linus has collected blankets from Magnolia Glen, where the needle-arts group, One Stitch at a Time, has made 125 blankets for Project Linus this year.

Lillian and Frank

Lillian Desiderio, 92, begins to talk about her knitted blankets, then points to some brightly painted wooden trains and wagons on the nearby table. "My husband makes the toys," she says.

Frank Desiderio, 95, talks a bit about the toys, then says: "My wife's name is Lillian. She's the one that does the knitting."

The Desiderios have been a team for 67 years. They began charity work right after the war, Frank says, when Frank was running a gift shop and Lillian was organizing polo matches for the U.S. Polo Association.

"Lillian's been knitting since she was knee high to a grasshopper," he says, and she got involved in a knitting group that made things to send to the Indian reservations or give to the Salvation Army. "One woman would make hats, another woman would make sweaters." Lillian made all sorts of things, but her specialty is a cunning hooded sweater that zips up the back. You put the baby in, Frank says, then zip it up. "You see the little head sticking out," he explains, framing his own face. "It's so cute."

So the women gave the knitted goods away and if there were little children, "I'd give them a toy of some kind," Frank says.

"That's the way it started and we've been doing it ever since." Frank says. "And we enjoy it."

Therapy of giving

The Desiderios don't have any children. But they have 29 nieces and nephews. And every one of them has woodworking projects from Uncle Frank: a dollhouse and doll rocking cradle for the girls, a barn for the boys and a desk and chair for both.

These days, between the toys - wagons, train engines and tractors, doll beds and cradles -- Frank makes birdhouses. Since the Desiderios arrived at Magnolia Glen in October 1993, Frank has made a dozen bluebird houses that are placed around the grounds and two wintering bird condos, with room for 30 to 40 birds.

"I'm down there [in the workshop] almost every day," he says. "I go down for an hour or two. For me, it's therapy, same as the knitting for my wife. If we didn't do this, you go crazy, you know."

He looks around his little workroom, with too few tools to do the work he wants to do. But it's good.

"I come down here, I'm relaxed," he says "This is part of my life."

Later in the day, he spends time reading. "I read three, four books a week," he says. "I just finished the new one by Danielle Steel called 'Echoes.' The best book she has ever written. It's marvelous."

But his real love is wood. And Lillian.

In the sitting room, Lillian waggles her fingers at Frank at the next table. He waves back and smiles. Lillian returns to talking of knitting.


It all started with the picture of the sleigh, Lillian says, with the two little sweaters on top.

Every Christmas for the past three years, residents of Magnolia Glen have filled a sleigh with toys to give away. They give the toys to the Methodist Home for Children in Raleigh. They don't usually include clothes, but last year, Lillian put two of her trademark sweaters on the top of the pile. A photograph of the sleigh in the newspaper caught the eye of Diane Wallace, Project Linus' talent scout and resource coordinator.

"All these bags [of yarn] came in," Lillian says, "from Linus."

Project Linus found Lillian, but Lillian sees it the other way around.

"It was wonderful to find Linus because I needed an outlet," she says. You see, Lillian will knit anyway, to keep from going crazy, you know. Linus gives shape and destination for her knitting.

Since February, Lillian has knitted 43 pieces. And her friend, Mavis White, 87, sewed quilts.

Holmes takes the blankets home, then Wallace shuttles them to Cardinal Gibbons High School or Our Lady of Lourdes School, where students sew on tags that read "Made with Tender Loving Care for Project Linus" and pin on a poem. Wallace returns them to Holmes, who delivers them to hospitals.

Recently, while Holmes was with her injured daughter at WakeMed's pediatric ER, she noticed that the kids there didn't have blankets. She dropped some off the next week.

"I think everybody needs a blanket sometime," says Holmes.

Indeed. Lillian and Frank have each other for security. The children need the blankets. Project Linus needs Lillian and Mavis and Gladys Mowery and all of the other blanket-makers, as well as the network of volunteers that make Project Linus work.

At every moment, from the time Mavis chooses her fabric and Lillian casts on her yarn to the time a child selects his or her own security blanket, those stitched coverlets are handled with love that surely permeates the fabric for all time.

Have a warm Christmas.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Vacation is over - Knit Night returns on 8/31

We returned from the second-longest trip we've ever made via car with our children. The first longest was at the START of our vacation. We're glad to be home even if it means we're back at work. Vacation was great but we may run the numbers on train travel next time.

I have good new and bad news for KnitWits:
Good news - I'm cleaning out my stash. There will be giveaway yarn for those brave enough to take it at the next KnitNight.

Bad news - The next KnitNight is August 31. We are taking Andy Snee and Alex Reynolds to see Green Day at the RBC Center this Wednesday, 8/24. You might be thinking - isn't that the night before Andy starts back to school? The night where he meets his teacher, sees his classroom, etc? Well, yes it is. We will be performing a speed "meet-the-teacher" night on our way to the concert. If I didn't actually like Green Day, their presence in Raleigh on a Wednesday night would have sealed the deal to skip it.

I'll be back soon with more chatter. Work has the audacity to pile up things to await my return! Wanted to deliver the good news/bad news before it got any later. . .

Friday, August 19, 2005

Okay, VV, I messed up the blog!

I was under templates and was going to try and put a link in but it looks like I ended up making all of hte stuff that's normally sort of towards the top and to the right - move down to the bottom. I'm so sorry! I went back and immediately undid it but that didn't seem to help. I should just never try to do anything fancy. Bad Beverly.

Upgrade to cashmere for just 50 cents

So I was trying to finish the baby sweater and went to the yarn store (it stays open until 8 p.m. on thursday, totally rocks) but they were out of the color. So its on order, but of course, since I was there I took a look around and, of course, found some stuff i wanted.

So here's a breakdown of the events in order...

I took a look at the English version of the new Rebecca and found something I wanted to knit ... (see image 2)

So it calls for GGH Soft Kid. Very soft, very lovely, very pricey. $11.60 for 25 grams and I needed 100 grams. (4 balls, I hate how the germans make you do math in their patterns) Any way, I go through the colors, and alas, none of the colors had 4 balls (although I think if I asked, they keep some yarn upstairs) So as I was fingering through some other yarn, I came across this yarn ... (see image 3)

And for $12.10 a ball (which contained a little more yardage than the Soft Kid) I could get, and this is not a misprint, 65% cashmere and 35% silk. Which compaired to the 70% super kid mohair, 25% polyamide (whatever that is) and 5% wool of the GGH yarn, and of course, my penchant for cashmere, well, $2 more seemed like a small price to pay.

And the cashmere/silk is lovely and they had four balls of it in a color. I think we all know that I walked out with it in my hands.

But before I left, they had these lovely knitting baskets for sale, so thus, I own one of those two. ... (see images 4 and 5)

It can hold an enormous amount of yarn. I think there is room for a sweater and a couple of smaller projects in it.

It was all I could do to finish the remaining yarn for the baby sweater so that I could start on the cashmere eyelet sweater, but I did it. I could knit the eyelet sweater guilt-free of the baby sweater. I wonder if the yarn store had this in mind the whole time. Plotting against my bank account. Oh well, I have cashmere to knit.

Okay, found something knew to knit!

Well, actually I saw it about a year ago and wanted to knit it and now I'm in the mood again. My or my - another knit project - just what I need! Have I completely lost my mind?! Yep. So in that case I am pushing forward. This is the skirt that I want to knit - probably for both Alex and Nicole. It's at Lanaknits and you're supposed to knit it out of hemp. It's knitted in the found so should be easy and quick.

Got an e-mail from the place in Wake Forest and since I joined their newsletter list I'll get 20% off at my first visit. Also, she e-mailed me back that she's combining a knit night and ladies night out. Here's what she said:
"The first night is planned for the second Friday night of each month from 6:00 to 9:00. Our first meeting will be on September 9. If you'd like to participate come in soon to sign up - it will fill up fast. The cost is just $2 and covers refreshments. You will also receive a 10% discount on purchases made that night." I'm thinking that we need to go to one of these at some point - that's if we like the store I guess.

Okay, gotta go for now. Where's Mims? She hasn't blogged in ages!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Holy cow, what was that? Only you guys can post on the blog itself, i can limit the comments to just us, but I just thought some other knitters in cyberspace could have some tips/suggestions for us.

The nice thing is you can delete the comment pretty easily. Let me know what you guys think about limiting comments.

I hope you all had fun knitting last night. I went to a concert with a friend from work and it was amazing. I think you all need to check out Lizz Wright. I bought her two CDs, and they're good, but seeing her live was just phenomenal. And the venue was cool. Think 'Fame' auditorium. Apparently you could reserve a table up front near the stage and order dinner before the concert and anyone could order a drink during the concert. Really great feel, and there was no air conditioning, but it was a cool night, so they just opened all the windows (those giant ones, that open out to a fire escape). I think you need to listen to Lizz out on Julie's front porch during knit night.

On a knitting note, I think I'm going to try the sweater on Last Minute Gifts. I have to go to Weaving Works to get more bamboo yarn, but I'm almost down with the baby sweater. Too bad Al isn't baby-sized. I would have finished his sweater ages ago.

On the baby note, how's Kristin and the little one doing? Any word?

Over it

I'm not going to talk about the b.a.b.y. I am so over this whole pregnancy and childbirth thing. It is just boring to me now. I'm never going to think or speak about it again.

But I did think you all should know that I finished the cashmere mittens and gave them to my mother. One thumb is definitely longer than the other, but she swears they both fit perfectly. I think she's lying, but that's her problem. I also picked up the 102 stitches along the back of the bolero last night, in the dark, at Third Place. So almost all the evil stitch picking up is done, and the end of the bolero is in sight. I had a dream last night that it didn't fit. But, hopefully, it was just a dream.

I wish I was sitting on a deck somewhere where there is no humidity, drinking a bottomless gin and tonic, knitting a tank top sized for a svelte figure--and that I actually had some hope of fitting into it.

For the love of knitting! They've gone too far!

Okay, this is just too much. Although I suppose Paris Hilton already has one for her pooch.

Per "Rose-Kim Knits": "Now let's review everyone. Dog's are animals designed quite well by nature. They have fur to keep them warm. They don't need sweaters or hats or tuxedos. When was the last time you saw a wolf on Animal Planet wearing a capelet?"

That was definitely one of my best laughs of the day.

Quilts Like Crazy & Knits Too. Good grief - they have a bunch of stuff!


They have classes too - and better classes (in my opinion) than Great Yarns! I cannot believe that we did not know about this place ! I mean - it's our job as knitters and hell, we've got a blog for pete's sake. We take this stuff seriously. I am ashamed of myself for not knowing about it. I'm officially getting to this place - to at least check it out - as soon as possible.

The "You Knit What?!" Blog. Gotta check it out.

Well, I met a semi-celebrity blogger last night when I stopped by Helio's. She's a gal whose blog I just started reading and - how embarrassing was this? - I was telling her about something great on a blog I had read that day and it was her blog?! Of course I guess that was a compliment to her. Anyway, she told us about this hilarious blog and I can't believe I've never run across it. It's: http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/ You've got to go and check it out.

Oh, the gal I met is at http://saunshine.blogspot.com/ Really enjoyed meeting her.

Also heard about a quilt store in Wake Forest that has started selling yarn. Fawn said that she had picked up three skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca/Silk for $3.00 a skein! Of course she got the last three skeins but still - I've got to check this place out - as soon as I can get the name of the store. Maybe next week, when I'm off, I can drive out there. Funny, but even though I lived for a while in Wake Forest, the thought of driving there is like the thought of driving to Florida. It just seems so far away. I've gotten spoiled over the last few years of having virtually everything I want fairly close by. Hell, I still haven't been to South Point Mall!

Anyway, go check out the blogs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

baby things

I'm going to miss you guys tonight. Hope you have fun at Third Place.

Nothing much new in the way of knitting. Still putting off Al's sweater. I went to the Mariners' game and started a garter stitch baby sweater with the bamboo yarn that I got when I was first in Seattle. I'm liking the pattern, not alot of picking up stitches, and I think I will have to do a minimal amount of sewing. There was 250 yards of yarn in the ball, so I thought that would be enough to finish the sweater, but it doesn't look like it. I could go back and not make the sleeves so long, but I don't feel much like doing that. The color I got is kind of an orange-y/raspberry thing, so it's kind of girly. It'll probably be for my neice Caitlin. I think I'll get some more, in more of a bluish-green color and maybe in a seed stitch pattern for my nephews.

Again, have fun tonight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I'm just hanging around waiting for my entire world to change, so not much excitement to blog about. On Monday, the doctor said baby is still head down and I'm dilated 2 cm and 90 percent effaced. Not bad. My mom and I spent most of today running errands. I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions, I think, so I guess that's a good sign. Still haven't finished the cashmere mitttens. Maybe that's why the baby hasn't come. She knows I'm supposed to finish those before she's born. So maybe if I hurry up and get them done, she'll decide to come on out. I'll work on that tonight.

Beverly, I wanted to tell you that you can read and knit at once. Go to Quail Ridge and get one of those book pillows with little straps that hold the book open. Then you can just lie the pillow on your lap and read while you knit. Of course, it doesn't work too well if you're knitting lace or something, but it's worth a try.

Anyway, if I'm still not in labor tomorrow, is anyone interested in getting together to knit a bit, since it is Wednesday night at all? We could meet somewhere like the Third Place. Leave me a comment if you're interested.

Herald Sun story on Mary Stowe

One of the gals in the local knitting guild just sent this link:


Monday, August 15, 2005

New needles

I went over to Great Yarns (is it still called that? I forgot to check) to get some size 7 dpns for the sleeves of Ross' placket-neck sweater. I used some aluminum ones someone had given me to do the newborn sweater sleeves, but they drove me crazy! Aluminum is way too slippery. Plus, the needles made a lot of noise. So I wanted some bamboo needles.

Instead, I got some rather pricey ($12.95) birch needles because they were the only choice. They're handmade by a couple in Pittsboro, N.C., of sustainable local wood, or something. They're light and smooth (but not slippery), and they're nice to use.

So, onto the sleeves!

Okay, I'm in love with yet another blog

You've got to check out http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/. There's another one I'm loving too but I can't figure out how to stay here on the post screen and still find the other blog to get the link. I'll post it later. Anyway, this gal is so funny. I was actually laughing out loud in places.

I thought for sure that if I stayed off this weekend that someone else would blog. Of course many of you are out of town but geez. This is supposed to be keeping us in touch with one another for pete's sake! Arati's got me really itching now to make the placket sweater. She's already started on the one for Ross. We've been e-mailing a bit today.

Okay, I shouldn't even be blogging. I have to have "Delta Wedding" (Eudora Welty) read by 7:00 tonight for my Southern Writers Book Group and have I made it past the first 10 pages?! No. I didn't even get the book until Sat. and I've had a damn month to read it. That's always the way it is. I just can't find any time to "share" with reading. It's all taken up with my knitting obsession. I have to admit though that when I started reading it I realized how much I miss reading. Oh well, I'll go tonight and if anyone starts discussing the ending I'll just put my fingers in my ears and start humming - don't want to know the ending. What shall I hum? I pray that it's not "Bob the Builder". I bought Christopher some new Bob the Building underwear this weekend and he was so excited about them that he actually pulled the back of his pants down on the playground this morning, when I dropped him off at school, to show everyone his new Bob the Builder underwear. I've been singing the damn Bob the Builder theme song all day long! Damn you Bob the Builder! Of course I guess it could have been worse. I almost bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear for him. Don't know if you remember that theme song but that one could really make a person crazy - singing it all day.

I'm out now. Blog girls! Blog!

Friday, August 12, 2005


So this is my friend Reuben and Roebel, the recipient of the hat. He's sssoooooo cute. I haven't told them about the hat, I'm giving it to Roebel's godfather, who happens to live in Seattle and will be seeing them next month.

I may actually GIVE a knitted present when I was supposed to GIVE the present.

Roebel is so cute that I want to make something else for him. Keep in mind, I have my own nephews, neice and soon-to-be-born recipient, so I think I'm going to just make baby things for the next month. Thanks Roebel.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yarn Cocktails!

Check this out: http://www.anastasiaknits.com/ It's just one of the pictures/pattern. You've got to check out the others. Cute site/concept.

Okay, I really don't have anything terribly knitterly and/or interesting to say but I guess I feel that it is my duty, as a knitwits blogger, that I blog something. I'm still feeling crappy over the whole car repair vs. beach vacation so my pitty party has not yet ended. I take the car in tomorrow so I'll have that fun (I'm sure you've all experienced it) of waiting for the call from the repair shop giving you the "estimate". I always dread that happy voice, when you drop your car off, saying "we'll call you sometime this morning with an estimate". You sit there thinking my future (well - okay - my next two weeks or so) hinge on this phone call.

Jefferson phoned me this morning saying that he wanted to go by daycare and pick up Christopher for the afternoon. Of course I realized that Christopher still has his toenails painted and is wearing sandals. I told Jefferson and told him not to say a damn thing because Christopher will be so upset and will not want to spend any time with him. I could tell that Jefferson was not happy. Damn him, damn him.

Okay, I feel a bit better just blogging to you guys. Kind of like having an online therapist! I'm going home tonight and I'm determined to knit until I'm dizzy!

Oh, one more things. Nicole just got a new waitressing job - at a place in Garner called "High Beams". The name should have told me something. It's like a "Hooters" she told me - only they wear skirts instead of short-shorts. I'm assuming it's "short-skirts" but was afraid to ask.

Needless to say I'm ready to knit myself into a tight ball and roll away somewhere - preferably somewhere with alcohol!

Who's Roebel

So here's me with the hat for Roebel. Roebel is the newborn son of one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world, Reuben.

The hat is soooooo tight, I took this picture days ago and I can still feel how tight it was on my head.

Oh I forgot, Mims, I embrodiered the 'R' on the hat, my first real attempt at it. It was okay, the bad thing about felting is you can't go back. I guess I could have knitted it while I went along (the intarsia) but I was watching a baseball game while I was knitting it so I didn't want to have to pay attention too closely.

Sorry Mims

I checked out the admin settings and the little box wasn't checked for you for some reason. I think this means you will be able to post.

From Mims....

we're in kansas right now. i gave my mother-in-law the purple wrap tonight and she loved it. i've been working on a shawl on the drive. it only increases a single stitch each row. is this normal? i feel like it'll be 7 feet long before it's wide enough. and the pattern called for size 13 needles, but i'm using size 15 cuz that's what i had. i didn't think it'd be a big deal because the yarn is so bulky, but the eyelets aren't showing up well at all. i'm hoping that blocking will fix that, but i don't have any idea. might start knitting socks tomorrow and wait to continue on the shawl till i hear any feedback about whether or not i'm an idiot for using different size needles.

arati, that tank is so cute, it looks great on you. and vv, who's the hat for, was the "r" done with intartia? (i have no idea how to spell or do that.)

and can anyone tell me how to post pics on this thing? i miss you all!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gold tank top done!

Sorry that I've been slack here at Yarngirls, but I just got back from a couple of days at the beach -- a spontaneous trip. But I'm back and blogging with a picture of me wearing the new tank top knitted with the goldish yarn Julie rightly persuaded to buy in Maryland.

The pattern is basically the Grumperina tank Beverly found -- though with some alterations. The best part about knitting this is that it was all one piece of yarn, so I had to weave in only two ends!! How great is that? I'll be wearing it to knit night tonight, and I plan to wear it to teach my classes -- which start a week from today! Yikes!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Doing my part

Beverly and VV are really carrying this thing. Figure I need to get on here. Where are Julie, Arati and Mims?? (I guess Mims can be excused, since she's probably driving across country right now.) And someday we've got to get Marcy to post.

Well, you guys never bugged me about the striped baby sweater, but I finished it anyway. So there. I'll bring it on Wednesday. I'm still waiting on my special yarn delivery to finish the bolero. In the meantime, I'm trying to finish my mom's cashmere mittens before baby arrives. One is done and the other is started. See, Beverly, I did just what you told me to do. Knitting mittens on size 7 needles is very rewarding. Goes extremely fast.

On the baby front, I found out yesterday that my annoying little gymnast is head down again and ready to go. So my C-section next Tuesday is off and I'm just waiting to see when she will decide to come out. I hope and pray that it's sometime early next week, because I really do not want to work another week! See you all on Wednesday. I think I will have Todd call Marcy when there is news, because then he can just call the paper. I'll check with her and make sure she can handle the pressure.

Roebel's hat

I finished a project!!!!! I'm over my hump. I don't know what's been up with me lately, I don't know why I can't focus on any project, but I did finally finish something and it may get to this baby while he still is a baby.

So to get the hat to look right, I actually had to place it on my head, and I know I have a small one, but still it cut off circulation to my brain, which I'm sure will cause me to lose something up there, I just hope it isn't my ability to knit.

Okay, you guys have to check out "knitandtonic" blog

I think I've posted before telling you to check her out but I do believe she's taken the Yarn Harlot's place in my heart. She's just so darn funny. You've got to go to her blog - knitandtonic.typepad.com and check out the August 6th entry "What the Heck is a Car Coat?" Read the whole entry. I figure we can all use a smile or laugh every day. Plus, by checking her site I noticed that Glampyre has a new pattern out. Okay, I'm off again.

Okay Ladies - Where is everyone?

Well, did you get the latest KnitPicks email? They have yet more new yarns! And they have a cashmere blend yarn. Actually it appears to contain more cashmere than even some of the Debbie Bliss and Rowan combos. They have a new one with 80% Merino Wool and 20% cashmere. Debbie usually only has about 14% cashmere. AND - it's only about $6.99 a skein with 121 yards. Julie, I got the patterns that I ordered from PurlSoho. The PurlSoho e-letter also had some neat info. They carry a line of cashmere yarns from a line called Jade Sapphire. Well, evidently they have in a new yarn under this line called Keja and it's 100% cashmere at $31 but get this - 200 yards!

Anyway that's it for my info. Come on you guys!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Another yarn store

So I went to another yarn store yesterday (yep, on Sunday) and this one is really too close to work. I can WALK to it. I just thought I'd look around a bit and the woman working the registered came up to me and asked me if I needed any help (go figure) and then asked me what kind of things to I like to knit, yada yada yada, and then she noticed my orange maryland sweater and said, 'is that from maryland? a woman was just in here who said she went there too?

Then we just started talking and you could hear a class going on behind this wall and the register lady told me I had to go in the back and look at the instructor's bracelet. So I go to the back and the instructor (and owner I later found out) has this amazing knitted beaded bracelet that I now covet.

Any way, I actually saw real knitters, doing some pretty complex projects, but who more importantly seemed very nice. Lauren, the owner, started talking about all these events she wants to line up, like working with the wine store down the street to have a tasting, and knitting some bottle holders to go along with the event. And she wanted to organize a three-day event in the mountains where she would have a yoga instructor and a massage therapist along so participants could take care of their bodies and relax and knit all at the same time.

I was like, I'm really poor right now, but where do I sign!!!

So I didn't sign up for any of the cool stuff, but I did sign up for a continental knitting class. It didn't cost much, the homework was nothing and I might get an in with some cool knitters.

It's at the end of the month, I'll let you all know how it goes.

Friday, August 05, 2005


So the pattern for the cute Phildar sweater is only in French (mon dieu) but, did you check out the knitting bags. I MUST HAVE ONE! and I MUST GET ONE without Al noticing. ... I don't know how to make that happen, so I must just buy one. What color do you girls think? I'm kind of partial to the khaki, but that sounds so boring.

Okay, VV. I found a place that actually sells in the US and carries both the patterns and kits. It's www.knitntyme.com. Of course - are they printed in English at all? Check out the Phildar bags while you're there. I've got to have one of them.

Phil Lin Pattern #3 Gilet This pattern kit includes the newest phil Lin leaflet for all 4 sweaters plus the yarn and buttons to make the pattern shown #3. You may choose another color for this yarn if you prefer. Please refer to the shade card in the Phildar Yarn section. Color shown is Jeans. Phil Lin is 45% Viscose, 40% cotton and 15% Linen. $58.70 CDN$46.96 USDSize:

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Phildar patterns

Beverly, I'm glad you brought the subject up. I don't know why the Phildar patterns have to be so cute, yet so unattainable. Now that I'm so close to another country, I'm determined to find a shop that sells the patterns so that those who don't read French can also knit cute sweaters.

Okay, I gave the wrong link for the dinosaur!

I'm so sorry. I told you I wasn't that good at this. Here it is: http://www.xtreme-knitting.com/blog/ Then go to "my free patterns". Sorry about that. Bet you were all so excited - thinking of making the dinosaur - wanting to start on it the second you saw it - but nooooo - Beverly gave the wrong link!

Okay, here is another darn Phildar pattern. Why are they always so cute? I've tried reading one and didn't think it was easy. Anyway.

Okay so another patter. Go to this pattern and check the picture out. I love it. It's just so - I don't know - so ugly it's cute? I think the hat is so damn cute! Check this out:

Okay, I'll leave you all alone now. Gotta get to swim practice with Christopher and Julie and David. It's the last day. Yes!!!

Okay - more free patterns - sweater and a Dinosaur!

Hi. I found a new free pattern that I actually haven't seen before. No, it's not the dinosaur - that patterns a little bit further down on my post. I"m just not good at getting these pictures to end up where I want therm. The sweater is at the Keyboard Biologist's blog: http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/Patterns/Sigil.htm Also, she spins and she's got some neat pics and blogging about that.

Okay, so now for the dinosaur. Isn't he cute?! The pattern can be found at this blog http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/Patterns/Sigil.htm under "my free patterns".

Anyway, I felt like I should post something.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

URGENT ALERT FOR VV (and then a little something for marcy)

i am very dissappointed to find out that the yarn harlot was in portland tonight. couldn't she have waited a couple of weeks until i would be there too? the urgent alert for veronica is that the harlot will be in seattle tomorrow (thursday) at Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park location) at 3:00pm. can you take your lunch then? should be a great place to meet knitters...

now for marcy... fear not, even though you left wimi behind at julie's tonight, i took her home and have showed her a most excellent time. i imagine that even the harlot's sock would be jealous of all the fun wimi has had tonight. i wish i had a clue about how to post photos onto this blog because i have very cute pics of wimi helping joe plan our cross country trip, hanging out with a small fraction of my stash and bonding with bear. (**announcement-- no animals or bikin-clad yarn girls were harmed in the creation of these photos**) also, just to warn you marcy, she may be begging you for an apple g4 titanium laptop when y'all are reunited tomorrow.

Albany found

Since I know you were all going crazy with worry, I wanted to let you know that I found my Albany this morning--in the correct dye lot no less. It was a little knitting miracle, and I take it to mean that things are looking up for me.

Funny Knitting Pic; Pic w/Kristin in mind; and Reminder

Okay, I'm sorry but this is absolutely hilarious to me. It was actually on a gal's blog saying that this was her father and her aunt had knitted it for him when he was a child. Doesn't he looks jus miserable?

Okay, I found the other one on the same blog and it made me think of Kristen and how we've been telling her that she will indeed be able to knit after the baby arrives.

Okay, I think I've finally decided on the pattern for a new shawl. Right when I should have been going to bed last night (I could barely keep my eyes open) I suddenly decide that I want to look through a basket of old patterns. I found a Heartstrings FiberArts pattern that I think I'd purchased from Great Yarns for a "Reversible Lace Cables Scarf". I e-mailed Jackie at Heartstrings to ask exactly how to increase it to a shawl and she immediately e-mailed me back with the correct number of stitches to add. I just think it will be beautiful with the Elsbeth Lavold "Silky Wool" that I just purchased from Loop - on sale by the way. At first touch the skein doesn't feel all that soft and I'd read on other blogs that it was really wonderful yarn. HOWEVER - after knitting a few rows in garter stitch I realized that it really softens up once you start working with it. Anyway, enough of that. I'm looking forward to seeing "whoever" tonight.

Ooh! Tonight's blocking night. Don't forget!

Bring your child to knit night?

Julie, can I bring Ross to knit night tonight, just for an hour or so? He's been wanting to go to meet Marcy's Kate, but I think he would enjoy meeting your boys or Beverly's Christopher if he happens to go. I would take him home after an hour (and then return to knit night alone).

Commissioned baby sweater nearly done

I'll bring the miniature placket-neck sweater to show at knit night tonight. It's so small -- I hope not too small. I've forgotten how small newborns are -- maybe they are this small. I just have do some kitchener stitch on the armholes and weave in the ends, and I'll be done. I love the yarn I used: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Cool. Now I'm going to order some more Cool to make a larger size for Ross.

One thing I need advice on: The pattern calls for the use of three beads instead of buttons on the placket. I am concerned the beads might be a safety hazard if the baby pulls them off and puts them in his mouth. It looks good without beads. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina...

So ESPN is doing this tour of America called 50 states in 50 days and I was longingly watching the North Carolina one. Most of it took place at the Durham Bulls and although it looked hot, I got weeping thinking of you guys, how I got married within walking distance of the ballpark and missing some barbecue. (Not that I was really crazy about Eastern Carolina 'cue, but I remembered going to Whitley's when we went to Murfreesboro)

Anyway, the heat wave sort of hit Seattle too. Al and I went camping with some people from work and the themometer said it was 97 degrees. But the whole 'it's a dry heat' thing is totally true. It felt like the mid 80s in comparison to 97 in North Carolina or Florida. It cools down at night too, which I know doesn't happen there.

Anyway, to update everyone, the woman bidding on our house fell through and Ann will be moving in starting Sept. 1. Julie, I'll be sending Andy another check, and we'll talk to Ann to see if she would want Andy to still come by and mow for her.

I still haven't been able to do much knitting, but I did go to a lovely knit shop in a trendy neighborhood that you guys must come out and see. When we have our knit vacation, I want to take you there first. Beverly, I believe it's you dream knit shop. There is yarn everywhere, and there was a sale (25-30% off) a lot of yarn and there is this one corner with two small couches that you can relax and knit away. Plus there is a porch out front, no rocking chairs, but you can easily sit on the railings and knit and watch all the trendy hipsters walk by.

Me again. Kristin, did you hear back about the yarn?

Did one or all of the three places get back to you about the Albany? Let me know if not and I'll be on the lookout for it on the net.

Get a look at this!

This is so neat. This is VV's Stitch & Pitch event. That could almost be VV sitting there knitting if you kind of squint when you look at the picture. It was taken by Jim somebody of the Seattle Times and was on the latest YarnMarket.com newletter. Anyway, I'm jealous of the whole event - although I have to admit that having something like this right now, with the weather being so damn hot, isn't that appealing. Julie and I are lucky during this additional 2 week swimming lessons that we signed the boys up for. They've put up a large white tent that we can sit under and believe me - compared to our first two weeks - it's like having outdoor airconditioning!

I'm going to say that i'm starting yet another shawl using a pattern i'm coming up with myself (well, can it really be "my own pattern" since I'll be using stitches that have been around forever?) but by the time you read this I may have changed my mind yet again.

Oh, almost forgot. There' s a net new website that will be running at the end of August. It's www.frenchgirlknits.com. It's there now but not much of anything. Anyway, I got an e-mail telling me that the opening had been delayed until August 1st but it also appears that they have local stores in yep - you guessed it - SEATTLE! I'm really beginning to think that we're all going to have to just move to Seattle. VV - you'll need to visit the shop for us and let us know what you think.

Anyway, got to get back to work.