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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You gals and your boob holders!

Hi VV! It's so much fun hearing about your travels. Now we want to hear about the new place and dif your stuff arrived. Regarding the boob holdes. So far it's Arati and VV that have actually finished? Is Kristin workign on the same pattern? Julie, where do you stand on yours? Julie, we really have to find out what's going on with the other bloggers - or should I say the "absence" of the other bloggers.

I finished my niece, Maggie's shrug - well, I finished knitting it. I just have to seam it up. I'm debating whether or not to use the same pattern on Alex's (with the lovely Calmer) because the end of hte pattern drove me crazy. The decreasing of the sleeve at the beginning of the pattern (the part that gives it the great fluted/ruffled look) is smooth and looks great, but the end of hte pattern calls for knitting into one stitch 3 times and it really makes a ridge at the beginning of the increasing. I ripped it back and tried knitting into the one stitch only 2 times and then using a yarn over for the other stitch and that definitely looked better but I was still disappointed that each sleeve didn't look exactly the same. Maybe she'll never notice it but I do.

Julie and I are still trying to hang in there and be strong on the whole yarn diet program but we're weakening at every new magazine, blog, yarn website, etc. We'll keep you posted.

Hope to see the locals tomorrow night and VV - hope you call!


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